onsdag 28 augusti 2013

With the sound of whispering trees

I feel blessed having a garden when it’s time for harvest. I spend a lot of time in the garden, in the forest and in the kitchen these days. There is so much to take care of. The green summer apples gives the best mashed apple jam, light in color and fresh in taste. The other red autumn apple tree gives the best apples for juice, amber, sweet and aromatic. The third apple tree isn’t quite finished it will ripe after first frost, which is I guess within a week.
I save seeds from almost all my vegetables, it is easier that you could think, and gives you free veggies. I grow some species that are very difficult to find, like the blue peas and the grey peas. The grey peas were grown by the Vikings and the people before them. A turnip from the village nearby that is impossible to find in commercial stores, the white mild tasting one.  I also have seeds from other side of the planet; a kidney bean bought at a market in Rajma, India, it grows well here. My newest gift are two sorts of bell pepper from Serbia, that a coworker got for me. My favorite tomatoes are the Russian ones, that gives a good harvest without a green house.
We took the car to a place where we can find lots of berries in the forest this Sunday. We only picked a few liters of each blueberries and lingonberries, the picnic was more important because we already have a lot of berries left from last year. A few of the family members, the oldest kids and I, stopped by a creek to explore a waterfall and a beautiful place in the forest. Unfortunately the creek was almost dry but I found water mint to pick and dry for tea. I have to return when the water is high to take photos of the waterfall. Even if it was little water we could spot some shy fishes  hiding away as we walked around.

Just a simple thing as picking apples lifts my mood to a higher level. I still suffer from depressive thoughts but doing my job in the garden make me feel real and useful.

onsdag 21 augusti 2013

Festival weekend

We visited our local festival this weekend; Sabaton Open Air or Rockstad Falun (as it was called before). There were no particular bands I wanted to see or no band that left a special moment feeling in me except Sabaton itself. 

But anyway it's a nice festival to visit. Happy people, no fights and well organised.  There were many families with children and I'm thinking of bringing my boys for one of the days next year.  Alfons would love to see Sabaton. I bought him a band tshirt to comfort him instead this year.

Crystal Viper, a polish band were playing with so much energy that I ended up just smiling, even if they didn't play my kind of music.

I found a bottle of purple semi-permanent dye that I tried. It was far more close the colour that I wanted but not enough :P
I bought Illamasquas dark metallic green lipgloss. Even if It was wery rich in pigment it ended up very transparent on the lips just looking weird. Black lipstick didn't work either. Black eyeliner worked better but it wasn't enough. If I had to apply a covering layer it would been dripping from my mouth.
I don't bother you with the bad noncovering lipstick so this photo above is just from instagram with filters and bla bla.
I made this flower brooch a year ago ca. With a hairpin it worked nice as a decoration to a simple ponytail. A little of the glitter has fallen off, so I'll have to mend it.
I did a big mistake the first night and used heels. They weren't looking very nice after that night. It was one of the flea market shoes so they werent expensive.
I used fake converse the rest of the weekend with extra in soles and changed laces to silk ribbons. 
Stuffed handbag from Restyle (I carried my jacket in it + everything else one need)
Underskirt worn as a skirt from Insomnias Attic (I used leggings under fyi)

Lovely fireworks in the end of Saturday night.

Bat fit update.  I tried to run a few times during the vacation, it felt wonderful and it did wonders to my heavy body. BUT. My knees sounded like cornflakes and have started to hurt :(. Just because you have been able to run before, theres no guarantee that your body can later. Damn! I have to find another way to stay in shape. Every other morning I set the alarm a lot earlier than I'm used to and take a morning walk together with Johan. These mornings are beautiful with soft mist by the river.
I arrive at work fresh as a peach. But when it's time to go home I soo tired!

lördag 10 augusti 2013

Not quite the right colour

I was supposed to take better care of my hair after I cut it, but nope, can't call myself a patiant person. I so would like to have purple hair, even if I really dont dare. But scanning the shelfes of hairdye and asking Alfons wich haircolour he would suggest for me, he pointed at this one.

Yay, purple you said? Eh, no, actually mum, I was pointing at this one (pointing on the one beside, more red colour). But it was too late for him to change and me too. But to get that vibrant colour I needed some bleach as well. A package that tells that gives blond hair even to dark brown. Pha! This is the result after bleaching the roots once and the tops twice. The carrot colour faded after a long sunny weekend.

So then time for that purple colour.....
You are wrong L'oréal!My hair didn't get that "pure purple" haircolour as the parcel tells! 

Well at least I can go to work without too many turning heads. I'm having my last vacation days now, I have truly grasp the opportunity to rest, really rest. 
Maybe in the right colder light you could say purple....

tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Having luck sometimes

Today I'm just showing a few things I have won in other bloggs giveaways. Last winter, almost about my birthday I was lucky to win a make up case in Sandys giveaway. She got it from the etsy store Book of shadows. And that's what it is a book case for eyeshadows.
Lots of people are scared or disgusted by spiders. I don't have any such problems, thinking they are interesting creatures.
You must go and read her blog it is beautiful, and so interesting to read. I got Glastonbury at my "Places to visit-list" now. Arsenic and old lace
Another giveaway I won was at Jema Rose. The winner was even able to pick the kind of gifts she wanted. Jewellery with a theme. Of course I chosed owls :). And I got these earrings, soo cute! I wear them lots! The  earcuff is a cool one a back with ribs, it sits nice and sturdy but I'm afraid to loose it so I will attach a chain and ear stud to it, but first I have to get another piercing in my ear. Jema is anything but boring, her home is always changing, always something creative and new. Jema Rose

It's never too early to plan for Halloween. Little gothic Horrors beautiful giveaway was lots of spooky labels and witch postcards. Oh I cant wait to use theese labels! The postcards will be saved as they are. I will hang them in my postcard display when autumn comes.
Little Gothic Horrors blog is fun and amusing. Her role model is Morticia (how I wish I was a patient mother and wife like her) and write lots of interesting facts about the actors in the Addams family.

Ive been thinking and talking about a giveaway loong ago now. I have something extraordinary I've been working on and off. It's not finished yet. The meaning was to have a giveaway at my 6 year blogaversary and for reaching 100 followers, but I ran out of time, spring came and called me outdoors. 

The garden and then vacation interrupted my work. I have gotten burned in the back of the knees (stupid me) while lying on the beach....
(low tide at Van)
 and I checking the apple trees almost every day to check how the apples are doing. I have never had so many apples in our trees before. Every crop wants their weather and this summer had the weather for beans and apples
Summer apples, transparante blance.

winter apples

autumn apples.