tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Home decorated for Halloween

 Every year, the house is transformated in the end of october for our annual Halloween party. Some things are repeats from earlier years, if you want to see them, click the Halloween tag on the sidebar or the end of this post. 
We bought two sculls on a aquarium store, one is displayed under a glass bell at the hallway table, a little led-candle lights it up from the inside.
The zinc cones that always hangs in the kitchen are embellished with black paper strips and fake mini pumpkins. The dark figure sitting on the shelf in the corner is a dark sow. A local folk tale entity that lurks in the shadows.

The old hallway was cleaned from exercise bike and clothes hangers and was furnished with a corner for spells and prophecies.

Some pictures of the Ghastlies and the haunted house with black bottle brush trees.

An improvement from last year in the livingroom. The white piedistal is changed to a black dito. 

The mossy twigs got some black decorations and a black bow around the neck of the jar.

This is how our home will look the rest of november. In Johans opinion it should look like this all the year around :)
I will return later with pictures of some Halloween treats.

fredag 19 oktober 2012

The Ghastlies

In a healing process it's very important to do silly things, if you definitely must do something. So I picked up all the glitter, glue, beads, flowers and cardboard to work with the Ghastlies Gallery.
It's a lovely printed cotton fabric from Alexander Henry. 
Mathilde Ghastlie, the matriarch

Gunnar Grislie, Mathilde's father

Sebastiean Ghastlie, son of Mathilde and Gaspar

The widow Ghastlie, Gaspars beloved mother

Daria Ghastlie, Sebastian's errant wife

Garrick Ghastlie, second son of Mathilde and Gasper

Mildred, Magda and Minerva Grislie, Mathilde's sisters.

Gaspar Ghastlie, devoted husband and Cordelia and Cassius Ghastlie, the twins of Sebastian and Daria.

I will add these pictures to our Halloween decoration for this year. I have yards of the other prints in this serie and will sew some cusion covers of them. On monday I will start working again, half time. The medicine have started to work and I feel ok but I'm still very tired. 
I laughed when I read the poste were I was talking about walks in the forest and garden work. Silly me didn't realize I was going to sleep for a couple of weeks.

fredag 12 oktober 2012

Haunted house, simple tutorial

 Inspite of my sickness, we continue to prepare for a Halloween party for the kids. Johan is working hard on special effects while I just lazing around. I've been sleeping a whole week now, insanely tired. Anyway, I achieved to finish one decoration for halloween. A haunted house, that took me a month, even if it's simple.
If you want to make one yourself; make a sketch first to imagine how it will look like and dont make it too difficult for yourself ;).
Gather all the material for example cardboard for the walls, paper rolls for towers, a lighter foldable paper, exacto knife and all sorts of crafty glues.
Cut out the walls and windows with the exacto knife.
You can see I used a lego box for this purpose.
Cut paper straps and glue them. Glue together the walls with the paper straps, or you can use tape. But it is important to do the walls first.
Then measure carefully to get a fitting roof.
You can see I used well for the roof. As trimming around windows and doors, I used a sturdy paper. The roof is glued at place with hot glue.
Looks like a gingerbread house now. The walls are not straight but that's on purpose.
 At last I spray painted the whole house with matte black colour. The door and windows are closed with orange tissuepaper. A nice effect is to place a led light inside of it. I will place a flickering LED candle inside.
 This is the last flower in my garden, a huge sunflower. I had to stretch my arms as long as I could to capture it with my camera. 
Wish you all a lovely weekend. I will continue to rest and hopefully I will be able to stay at home another week.

tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Say hello to our new family member!

Mr Bones arrived at last. Nice to be able to add something extra to this years Halloween. I'm very pleased with the service from Potterybarn, very professional.
Thanks for your kind words on my last post. I've been sleeping most of the time. I will try to work half time next week.

It's very chilly outdoors now, theres a sense of snow in the air.

torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Colours of october

Just a little sign to tell you that I'm alive.
I've been struggling with a depression for a while and the last weeks it got worse. I have finally taken the courage to do something about it. I have a time scheduled at the therapist, medication and am able to work half time. Next week I will stay at home, whole time to rest, wich is very needed as I feel exhausted. 

My pumpkin compete with the colours of  the autumn leafs.

I will take long walks, picking fungus, working in the garden....try to spend time outdoors as much as possible. I will also write some letters I have received that I haven't read yet (sorry). 
I will try not to scedule too much though. 

And I know there is hard times ahead :/......