måndag 31 maj 2010

sommaren är här

Jag slutade ju att skriva på svenska för inte så längesedan eftersom jag började blogga för pralin också. Hux-flux försvann de flesta som kommenterar. Jag drar slutsatsen att folk antingen tycker att jag har gått o blivit tråkig eller så tror de att jag inte kan svenska, vad vet jag.

Hursomhelst så kör jag igång med good old svenska här igen.
Som jag skrev i inlägget under så har vi hur mycket rabarber som helst. Rabarber bör helst tas om hand innan den blommar. Men som ni kan se här på bilden under så är det nära nog försent. Alla vackra och ståtliga rabarberblommor kunde jag inte slösa på komposten innan de fick pryda verandan som bukett. En vit emaljhink är perfekt som vas.

As i wrote in the post below, we have so much rubarbs in the garden. But you have to pick them before blooming. That is almost too late as you can see in the picture below. I could not just waste them in the compost without using them for a bouqet first at our front porch. An enamel bucket is the perfect vase for this.
Det blev några flaskor saft till varma sommardagar.
I söndags var jag och Johan och hälsade på hans pappa. Han ville ge oss en jordfräs. Vågar jag säga att jag blev glad som ett barn på julafton? Nu får jag ännu mer grönsaksland :) Jippi!! Sen ska jag fräsa upp alla igenväxta rabatter. Titta vilken bra trädgårdshjälp jag har!

I made a couple of bottles of juice for the hot summerdays to come.
On the sunday, me and Johan went to his father for a visit. He wanted to give us a cultivator. Dare I say how happy I was? Like a child on christmas eve! I will be able to grow more vegetables and we will dig up more lawn for flowers. Look here's my garden helper! :)
Det är säkert 16 hinkar med tomater. Jag har satt dem i kogödsel så jag tror att jag kommer att få bra skörd i år. Det som är så bra med de här sorterna är att de inte behöver ett växthus och de blir inte så höga heller. Två av sorterna är ryska.

I count to 16 buckets with tomatoes. I grow them in cow dung. Hopefully I will have a good harvest this summer. I grow 4 sorts all of them are thrifting well without a greenhouse.
Hoppas ni får en solig dag! /Have a sunny day!

måndag 24 maj 2010

A green garden and a white gift

I will only talk about the white gifts, it's a swap I'm joining. This time the theme is something creative, maybe you make something and give away or you buying craft supplies. I would be happy to recieve both of those alternatives. You already know that I like to make my own crafty things. I was a bit forward this time and bought something on internet. I'll hope my secret friend will be happy for my gift..... :)

I'm so busy with my work and my garden right now. Today I quit the job an hour earlier and went home to sow. It is a little adventure discovering a new garden. I still have trees that I do not know what it is. I told you before that people walks by and see almost the whole garden, wich I'm not so amused of. But if we put up a big fence we will lost the little spot of nature and water in our garden; the dich. A place where the children likes to play.
It sure is a nice little woodland, isn't it? The rubarb is taking over the veggie garden. Soon I will have a jungle instead. Have a sunny week my friends.

tisdag 18 maj 2010

In the forest I lay my rest

We had a wonderful weekend in Johans cottage. It was so peaceful and calm. We left all our troubles back home, for example an tricky error on our heating system. There was a lot of running water round the cottage by this time. Every were you could hear the sound of pouring water from the diches.
The mountain is filled with fresh spring water that runs up in every little hole in the ground. Lots of small lizzards runs about in shrubs.

They are almost invisible for the eye.
I got the time, at last, to do some flea shopping. We went to a thrift store in a village a couples of miles away.
I've arranged some of the findings on an old chair. One homespun bedsheat and cushion cover with white embroderies on, two cloth brushes and four napkins.
And of course some fine things to use in different art projects. Old velvet ribbon, 6 spoons, a chroceting needle (for laces), and a bunch of bobbins with stocking thread.
Wishing you a trouble free week.

onsdag 12 maj 2010

Wrong market

Look at here! A tiny tiny spot of real nature in my garden. I don't know what it is called in english but the latin name says Anemone nemorosa (sounds lovely). I like gardens with a touch of wilderness so this is perfect and beautiful.
Behind our backyard runs a walking path, were I guess half the village walks by on sundays. That is a perfekt event for a boy with a business-mind. Pets for sale, says the sign. In the bucket there are water-living pets to buy.
Yes tadpoles(frogs to be), the children says. But there's just one thing....When I look down in the bucket, I see...
That is not tadpoles! Those tiny swimming things are mosqitoelarvae! Ok it is not easy to know how a tadpole looks like when they never seen it before, only heard of it.
As it was a sunny day we suggested that they could sell some lemonade instead. In a hurry they changed the direction of their business. In one hour they got one customer before they had to close down. I hope that people on their sunday walks will remember to bring some coins next time.

torsdag 6 maj 2010

Just a little sign

I will just say a little hello from a busy person. My body is aching really much now. I'm stuck in the middle of gardening, plowing and sowing and this is heavy work. When spring arrives there's always lack of time. I really hope I will harvest my own aspargus again one day. The taste beat those you buy in the supermarket several times. Until then I have to dig up the lawn a bit more.....