tisdag 6 januari 2015

After Christmas sale haul

Look what I found at the Christmas sale! Jean Paul Gaultier underwear for half of the price. They are very comfortable too.
I had money from my birthday, christmas and a gift card. For once I used them to buy something for myself only and one of the rare times I go to a sale I shopped lots of clothes. A pair of trousers, a pair of tights, a sweeping jacket, two long sleeved tops and these undies. The background of the photo is our bedclothes bought at H&M. 

Tomorrow is the end of my vacation and I'll go back to work again. The week starts with two extreme days with several lectures. I don't like that because I'm not as prepared as I should.

torsdag 1 januari 2015

A cold winters day

 A few days after Christmas we had a very low temperature, but the sun gave warmth.
  As the bunnies had their cages at the north side of the house, they  weren't able to take part of the sunlight. The temperature reached down to -20 degrees Celcius at night. To assure you that the bunnies don't take any harm of the cold I tell you that the straw in the cages gives shelter and plenty of food gives energy enough to keep them warm. I have actually found them prefering the cold ground outside their cages wich I never close the door. The old one, Wilma has actually reached the respectable age of 7,5 years. By giving them room for movement in a natural environment and variation in food, they can absolutely live long and healthy.
They have to be separated as they would fight  themselves to death. The pens are much larger during summertime by the way. Here's Pooki eating her food and enjoing the sunlight. It was - 17 degrees outside but as the air is still and very dry, you're not troubled by the cold.
The time is two o'clock on the afternoon and the sun is about to set.

We had a great New Years eve. We were invited to a couple of friends along with other accuaintances for dinner and to celebrate the new year. It was actually the first party I wen't to since summertime, just what both me and Johan needed.

I hope you had a wonderful New Years night as well.