fredag 14 september 2012

A lovely gift to cheer me up

Sorry for my angry post earlier this day. I was already pissed off when I saw that stupid commercial. I know it was ment to be funny and it wasn't a real commercial, but I think it was ignorant and dead parents are not fun. 
Anyway to balance it off I won in Cemetary Dreams giveaway. It's a gorgeous little sock owl, a scull candle and a black rose locket mirror. Every parcel was sprinkled with little bats inside :) Thank you so much Phoenix! The owl will follow me to work to keep me company. 
Another nice thing that happened today is that they called from the steel workshop and told me the car was finished. The colur is unusual and they were worried that it would differ from the rest of the car. But it was perfect. I got the rest of the few milliliters to use to cover a few stone chips and a scratch on the inside of the door. I tried to scroll through old posts to find a picture of pumpkin but failed. I wanted to show you that it really is a pumpkin on four wheels :)

This advert really pissed me off!!

It just raise the predjugdement on subcultures and is so ignorant!

torsdag 13 september 2012

A healthy week without a car and app tips

Oh my little beloved pumpkin is left at the metal workshop for some special treatment and a painting. "Someone" lend my car and backed it into his car, my was smashed. Now our other car is broke and we have been without a car for almost a week now (hope pumkin is well treated over there) we have been travelling on two wheels instead. My bum is aching but I achieve lots of fit points. Yesterday I scored 27 km because I had to take the bike to town to attend a parent meeting at school.

To help me with my goals I use two apps in my android phone. 
The sports tracker I use is Endomondo. I think it's good though I haven't really compared with other sportstrackers. The positive thing with the sports tracker is that I can track myself when I'm in the forest for a run or walk and I can keep a record of how long my walk is. With input from weight, length and gender I also get a calories burnt record. If I would be unlucky to stumble and break a leg, faint or anything like that it's easy for someone else to find me because I can share my profile to my other fellows on endomondo. And send some peptalks to them ;)

For tracking food intake I use the Shape up club app. I found it via a friend on facebook who was very pleased with it. The app and membership is free but you can also pay for a gold membership with a fair price (much cheaper than weight watchers). The best thing with this app is that you have a barcode reader for instant recording of calories. If you do exercise you add allowed calories for the day. I think its easier than weight watchers (that doesn't even have an android app) because calories are always printed on the food packages. 
on facebook
I highly recommend people who track their calorie intake to take a look at skinnytaste. Awesome recipes and tempting pictures and all recipes are pro points and calorie calculated. Some of the recipes are different from what I'm used to as a swede (not the vegetable :P )but that makes it more interesting.

Tomorrow is friday and I'll take a day off from work. I'm very close to being washed out. I have loss in short term memory and other fysical symptoms. I'll just take a day to breathe a little and do useless things. Hopefully I'm back on track on monday again because I can't be away from work right now. 

lördag 8 september 2012

Sculls and black flowers

Rusta have a new wallpaper I got little cravings for. I'm not into sculls very much but this wallpaper is quite cute without being to much kitsch. The butterflies makes the print a little sweeter. I have lots of walls that needs new wallpapers, where whould I put it?

Last weekend when we were in Johans cottage we visited a local thriftstore. Well, local in these hooks means 30 km away. Anyway one of the things I bought was these pointy Mary Janes, cheap and nice :)

Yesterday I had a hunch that this was the definite end of summer. I picked a few boquets to fill the vases. I have grown balloon flowers this year and they went huuuge. 

I love the black pattern on the envelope of the seed capsules. 

The blue flower is very modest compare to the rest of the plant. It looks so exotic in a swedish garden.
My hunch made me put on a head light and go out and take down the tomato plants last night. 17 buckets of tomatos was moved inside the garage. And I heard two owles scream while I was working :). We have owls here!!
In the morning the day after (saturday) I had to go to work for some production tests. The garden was covered in frost.
The beautiful september days are here with crisp leaves on the ground, a high clear air to breathe, and a soft cool wind that sweeps the clouds away. Autumn has arrived.

måndag 3 september 2012

Someone special. Monthly theme post

It's time for beautiful Victorian Kitty's monthly theme post. This time the theme is to write about someone special. At first I was thinking about writing about my beloved Johan, I could write a long novel about how amazing he is but then lot's of participants are writing about their other halves I thought I should write about another amazing person in my family.

I will just show you little glimpses of him, since he's just a little boy. Tuli is his fairytale name. I think he looks like those cute children in old fairytale books; A little round face with blond-white curls. I sometimes use to say that he actually is an elf from the forest because he like to taste on everything that grows and as a toddler he munched rowanberries and kissed the worms. His birthname is Alfons.

When he was born and I for the first time, could hold him in my arms the first thing I said was, " Oh, it's you!" Like I had know him for a long time, and that is how it feels. Maybe it's because we are of the same kind.
On the picture below he's painting Oskars wall, it's Arn a medeival knight. It will be over painted with something else or covered with wallpaper so there's no damage.
He is a very creative person and is a pleasant company in my studio were we can sit and chat and do our own work. He is never interfering or claiming my attention for help with everything. He amuses himself were ever he is. Sometimes he can be a little too creative and do things he shouldn't. Like when he found dried chili's in the garage and crumbled them over the soil in the garden, because he wanted to grow chilis for his mum. After he had rubbed himself in the eyes we had to go to the hospital to wash the eyes.

He's very clever, it's not easy to fool him like the other children. And he has a very wonderful morbid sense of humour.

He loves to swim and behaves like a dolphin in water.
My children are my bliss and they are the one's who keeps me alive. To those who say they don't like children; remember that children are humans, only a little smaller. And if you treat a child with respect than you deserve theirs.