fredag 30 april 2010

Not a meadow

It looks like a meadow full of spring onions (directly translated from swedish) but it's a photo from my vegetable garden.
Actually, I don't know how they got there, the land is filled with them. I will carefully move them somewhere else when it's time to sow. Today my man and I digged up a little piece of the lawn to make a even bigger vegetable garden. This was our way to celebrate spring (last of april), no big fire here. But we had a big show, watching our neighbour almost burning up the forest on the other side of the road. With the matches in one hand and a bear in the other wile his woman trying to extinguish the fire with the watering hose.

onsdag 28 april 2010

Flower of spring

The other day we had friends visiting us. Tuli and his friend played outdoors but came in with some fresh picked flowers from the ditch. They throwed them on the kitchen bench and ran out again. This is the first wild flower that bloom in spring; Tussilago.
Egg cups is the only vase that fit this little flower, especially when it is picked by small children hands.

tisdag 20 april 2010

My dreams of a front porch

We have a large porch on the front of our house. I'm busy right now painting the brown tinted wood in white, making it brighter and more cosy. I have some Ideas of a second diningroom there. I will make a welcoming spot with cusions, candles and places to sit or lay down. I have found pictures from an interior magazine that illustrates my ideas very near.

The porch is open with three walls. The picture nearest is very close to how the porch look like, but add the picture above (with cosyness and cusions) and you will see how the porch will look in my head.

lördag 17 april 2010

All work and no play

It was a long time ago since I looked in my stash of paper, embellishements and other things I've been collecting. Frankly I miss them. They are safely stored in my drawer just an armlenght away.
I miss doing things just for fun, things with no reason at all. Like this one, a paperdoll. Isn't it the Paris Hilton from 19th century?
Instead of taking the time to play, I've been taking care of the house and family or been working. I thing I'll put my laptop aside now and se if there is some time left just for me. Have a wonderful day my friends!

söndag 11 april 2010

Redoing is so fun!

This was the amusement for saturday night! I played a bit with Johans sewing machine. It is old but has a lot of options. A foot wich makes automatic folded hems. Little princess leggings got spots that couldn't be washed away so i cut the legs of.
Then I took a scrapped tshirt and made those ruffles. She was so pleased and promised me to give me more of her clothes that she had grownout.

torsdag 8 april 2010

Confession of a shopaholic

We were supposed to buy a wood drill, but we also came home with these. A pair of lamps for the bedroom. I couldn't resist them. I pulled my mans arm and pointed at them. Luckily it wasn't hard to persuade him.

The lamps are perfect for the bedside. Now we only need a pair of bedside tables.

tisdag 6 april 2010

Sign of spring

The snow has started to melt away, at last! The children played outdoor the whole sunny day. No gloves, warm stuffy jackets and every toy was dragged out on the front yard. With colourful chalks they drawed a little town with houses and roads.
I was in the garage sawing every flower seed I had saved from earlier years. Some was as old as 10 years but I had to give it a try. I guess that this garden doesn't have many flowers left. I also planted my tomatoes in new pots. These are sorts that thrives outdoors and gives a good harvest in spite of that.
I've planted them in used milk boxes. I think it's a nice way to use them once again before throwing them away.

lördag 3 april 2010

Cleaning one corner at a time

Yes thats me in a nutshell. Yesterday I got the energy to start cleaning a spot of our home, the firestove. With no reason at all the former owner of the house has left logs and paper in the stove, though you are not allowed to light a fire in it. The shimney isn't controlled and has propably never been done. A tray and some candles was a lot more nicer than the dusty logs.

Can tell you it was cosy, lightning these candles up at night. Next corner to clean is the boys room. Tulis having a birthday party on monday so it's better it looks nice at home.

torsdag 1 april 2010

Easter eggs with decoupage

Last weekend I bought lovely brown eggs from a local supplier. The eggs have a very thick shell that is perfect to use for decorating. I picked holes in the end of a few and blow out the white and yolk.
Then I started to look for nice prints to glue on the eggs. Something with a matching tone.... I cut the prints out and made small cuts along the edges to make them fit better.
I used a water based glue. It makes the paper a bit wet and easy to smudge out on the egg without to many wrinkles on it.
After the glue has dryed I painted the eggs with water colour and upon that a mattish laquer. Last step is to glue on some glitter. Here I used real silver glitter that gives a nice look when aging. I also used glass glitter.
Sorry for the bad picture but they were ready in the evenening and I was eager to picture them.
We were supposed to go to the cottage this weekend but considering the circumstances we decided to stay at our cosy home instead. The thought about climbing up that hill with soaking wet snow to the waist with all packing wasn't very tempting.. and then trying to light the fire with moist logs and then turn back to get the rest of the packing. How lazy we are!
Hope your weekend will be cozy as well. Hugs!