måndag 29 april 2013

Simple life

I have written about the cottage before, it’s the place were we really can relax and live a simple off grid life. No electricity and only cold water tap in the kitchen, except when it’s freezing. The cottage is very small, a room and a tiny kitchen. But it’s the perfect place to get energy and escape reality for a little while.
 We made sandwich toast in foil package in the stove for breakfast and discovered that the stove must be used for cooking more often. We have also a cooking stove in the kitchen.

The drawer under the old table, contains lots of old treasures and assorted knick knacks. This is how bandage looked in the old days. The leather cap seems perfect for my poor finger. It looked very used and inside it was a piece of bandage left so that was not an option for me.
Assorted buttons of different materials as glass, bone, mother of pearl, Bakelite and some rusty needles and a knife.

It wasn’t just the women that stayed here with the kettle, during the summer months in old times. Lots of tools for shaving is left here.
I think the Gillette box is fabulous with the purple velvet tucking.

Swedish steel shaving blade.

The ice on the lake is just about to melt. We took a nice walk along the beach to jump on the ice and fool around. This is the tiny beach just below our cottage.

Ice takes many forms.
The sandy beach is perfect for sand castles.
Fat lady on the beach. We argued if the paw prints in the sand (on the left side) came from a dog or a wolf. I said dog, but when I think of it I didn’t see any human footprints in the sand (and we're far from any house).

I tried Johans new gun. He wants’ me to take the course and license but I’m not very interested even if he says I have the talent.

Redneck “fika”. Vegan-sugarless-banana- bundt cake and melted chocolate served with a glass of Newcastle Brown ale. It was a nice combo (we forgot to bring the coffee). I imitated an owl howling in the woods and he answered me several times.

All in all we had a lovely weekend. Last night I slept for 12 hours with only a pee break at three o'clock enjoying the full moon light and those birds who sings at night.

fredag 26 april 2013

A dark cloud has vanished

Suddenly the angst and the pressure on my shoulders is gone. No more sleepless nights, gnashing teeth and tensed muscles. No worries about if the kids are ok or my job situation. What a relief it is. I do hope there are a chance that my soul can be heal and no more self harm from now on.

My youngest have been badly treated by a teacher at school, last autumn. After reporting it to the principal she reported it to the Police. After providing testimony of all the involved we had to wait half a year for something to happen. During this time I have noticed a difference in my sons behaviour, he have been stressed and unstable. One of the remarkable things I noticed, was that his sense for orderliness was gone, no folded clothes on the chair at night and pieces of lego on the floor. It wasn’t until the Christmas vacation when I heard him singing and cleaning his room I felt that he was back on track again. He often told me that it was messy and loud in the classroom. We made the decision to change school during the Easter vacation.

He cried and didn’t want to leave his friends, but we insisted (and felt horrible). He was cheerfully greeted by his new classmates and made new friends very fast. He later said that it was very calm in his new class and no one interrupted one another and he also very proudly told his father that he worked in the same math book as the rest of the class now. J

The trial was last week. It was a bit weird with lying teachers, accusations and a very professional and clever prosecutor, asking tricky questions (even to me). But as the easy rule says: stick to the truth and you don’t have to remember what you said once. The judgement came a few days ago and it said convicted of assaults and unlawful threats, to pay indemnity to the victims (it was also another boy involved).

Imagine how the tattle goes on at school and among the parents, this is a school with 70 pupils, in a very small village. I’m so glad that I moved a couple of years ago but sorry for ex husband his new family and my friends that have been defending themselves against the gossip. And best of all, the kids don’t have to deal with it either.

As a parent you are fully aware of the negative sides of your child, I don’t see them as little angels. But a bad behaviour from a child is NOT a reason for an adult to behave the same way, or worse. Parents and teachers are authorities and should teach their kids to treat others with respect by showing them a good manner.

This is one of the things that have taken me down. I haven't been able/wanted to talk much about it for respect to those involved. I have cleansed my mind of other disturbancies as well, but perhaps more of that later. I can finally look forward and do the best of my future
Wishing you a lovely weekend.

onsdag 24 april 2013

Rescheduled bithday party

It was long ago my youngest boy turned 9. A stomach flu came in between his birthday party. This saturday was a perfect day for a kids party though and he invited a few friends and a bunch of cousins. I decided to do a treasure hunt in easter theme.
I made candy bags with a "skvader" (a winged hare) and an egg. "Godis" means candy and "Glad påsk" means Happy Easter.
Our Halloween doorbell was changed to a dorky easter themed doorbell with moving objects and Willy Wonka song. Click on video below.
Alfons made a soo delicious layer cake. Chokolate cake with chocolate ganache and rasberrie cream in the layers.
The weather was perfect for egg hunting in the garden and some barbecue.
Below a random picture of Alfons eating with sticks.

 Sunday was perfect for some work in the garden so I took care of the rasberrie hedge, clipping off the old branches. The evening was so lovely that I was late with the dinner. Cutting salad in a hurry was a stupid thing to do, I also cut off a piece of my finger. But I stayed calm, trew threw salad + fingertip away and instructed Oskar how to cook and begged him to call Johan home to take me to the hospital. 

Now Im lefthanded and unable to write sew, work in the garden etc. So unnecessary :(

måndag 15 april 2013

Hidden Bat week

This is the second time I'm participating in Corpgoth's monthly Status report. The theme this month is called Hidden Bat. It's about adding a typical goth element to your corporate outfit. At first I knew I couldn't join because I don't have anything with bats on, but I was sewing a shirt and added a bat on that.
Can you see the bat? The shirt is a pattern from Alabama Chanin and it is hand sewn in the same technique as their clothes. It took quite a long time but it was worth it. I used midnight blue jersey and thick black thread. Midnight blue and black is a great colour combination, i think.

I guess you see another thing as well? I have cut off my waist long hair. It was in a so bad condition and thin so I asked Johan to help me with the scissors in the neck, the rest is done by myself. I haven't styled myself at all. The picture is taken a lazy saturday morning. 

lördag 13 april 2013

April showers

I decided to participate in The Curious Professor Z's monthly home assignment this time. Mostly because I don't have much to say right now. 

When she announced the theme we had a marvellous weather a lovely warm sun melting away the snow in several weeks, not very easy to come up with a rainy post. But the typical unreliable April weather arrived with snow/wind/rain/sun...whatever.
As I took these pictures I saw others taken a few miles away at snow caos on the roads. At home the rain was pouring slowly down. 
The easter feathers at the bunny's pasture is hanging wet and moody. 
By the way, I'm sad to announce that the other bunny had to be taken away. We only had him 2 months until I found his condition was so bad that his life was a pain :(. His gnawing teeth was gone and he had problem with his back.
This is another ugly picture of how our garden looks right now. A melting pile of snow with a plastic chair seemingly hovering over it. I have tried to remove it but it's stuck in the ice.

I think this jacket is lovely. It's not water resistant but wind. I wish I could afford it though. The more I think of it, the more I know I need new otdoor clothes
Can be found here at Gudrun Sjödén.
Tomorrow I have something fantastic to look forward to. Something I have wanted to do for so long time. Going to see a performance of Cirkus Cirkör. This circus is animal free and they always show innovative and artful acrobatics.

fredag 5 april 2013

Easter parade

 I was late with the easter decorations this year. But since I don't overdo it, it doesn't take much time.
I reused the twigs from halloween to put hen feathers, decorated eggs and crosses in it. This kind of decorations is very common in sweden but they use fresh budding twigs and colourful decorations instead.
The tradition with these twigs is an old reminder of Jesus suffering at the cross, when family members whipped each others during the lent. Today this sounds so weird and domestic violence is illegal, the twigs are used as decorations.

My zinc cones are filled with tiny yellow flowers.
 Oskar has made the towel hanger at school.
Even if the snow is still laying on the ground the sun is warm enought to let us sit on the porch to eat lunch or a short coffee brake (fika).

Some more twigs with feathers.
The cage is decorated with a LED-candle, twigs, feathers and misc eggs.
 I'm recovering from a stomach flu that hit the whole family. It came so inconvenient. We were supposed to selebrate Alfons 9th birthday this weekend with his friends and a treasure hunt, but it's not possible in these conditions :(. 
A good medicine for stomach flu is to carefully sip coca cola mixed with water.