torsdag 14 november 2013

How to furnish a black room

So this is how our livingroom lookes like after the Halloween craze. The black paperboards are removed from ceiling and floor and thousands of staples are pulled out, after that, I refurnished the room. 
Our living room is very small (because we turned the real one to our bedroom) and contains the fire place, a tv and the sofa, thats all.
 If you want to paint a room black, I think you should chose a small room, because black is a colour that creeps close to you. A large room would look quite small, while a small room feels a little more cosier, like a hideout. 
 If you want to have lots of black details and decorations, you might consider not to paint the walls black, because black decorations will not be visible as you can se on the photo below. 
My lovely black, victorian piedestal were changed to a white more modern dito. When I put the jar with the mossy twigs and black decorations, I noticed that the decorations disappeared in the wall.
The same thing is with black picture frames, they will disappear. I moved pictures with golden frames to this room and it looked great. To balance the golden frames, I changed the chandeliers in the room from mercury glass to brass. I only had three though so I need to buy more of them.

The white cover on the sofa, the white table and the white ceiling, makes the room a bit brighter and it is easier to orientate in.
 I can assure you that a completely black room is difficult to walk in, you will feel disoriented and the determination of distance is disturbed.
 When I had painted the room and then started to cover the walls with black paperboard, I got more and more disoriented. When I had covered the fireplace in paper, I had to look for my stapelgun all the time, it kind of disappeared.
A profit with the black walls is that my grandfathers Art deco lamp suddenly got visible. The lamp with the soft yellow glass plates disappeared in the light yellow room.
This is the short wall between the doors were the tv stands. I use an antique washing bench with marble top as a table and bench for the tv. The black speakers looks a little more discrete with the black walls as well.
I have chosen to use glow lites above the tv, because it felt risky everytime i was going to blow out the candles.
What I have to do next with this room, is a new sofa in old style or an antique sofa that is comfortable to sit/lay in and remove the carpet and hopefully find a wood floor underneath to paint grey.
I was very sceptic about painting the room black. But as paint is cheap and easy, I gave it a try. It went better than I thought, even my mother likes it. 

fredag 8 november 2013

Halloween prop

Here's one of the Halloween props for this year. I ran smoothly thanks to my skilled boyfriend. Coffin and "stones" are made by me.

I so do hate november. It gets dark by 3pm. Right now icy cold rain is pouring down and the temperature is just 4 degrees above freezing point. Only crazy people and those who really must goes outside now. I'm sitting in the sofa mostly with lit candles in my black livingroom. I don't feel guilty at all because I have an inflammation in my knee and since the doctor have bent and pressed my knee and leg during examination, it feels. I curse all the stairs and ladders at work.

fredag 1 november 2013

November 1 theme: Sweaters

Mrs Sophistique Noir is demanding a post about sweaters. And when she does, who am I, to refuse. I want to show you my absolutely favourite sweater, I use this one a lot. It is from Gudrun Sjödén one of her folklore winter collections. It is inspired by both Swedish kurbits and Ukranian embroderie. With this sweater I wear a fake fur shrug from La Redoute and a red skirt that once were a dress from Gudrun Sjödén. 
Here's a close up of the machine embroderies that goes along the arms.
And a close up of my mechanical pocket watch a bought several years ago.

I'm so looking forward to see what the other participants will post. Hopefully some inspiration for coming winteroutfits.