söndag 31 mars 2013

Monthly theme post: Vintage

 Yet another time for Sophistique Noirs theme post. This time it's about vintage. The word vintage means for me, old clothes and accessoires in high quality. Since my teenage I have been a collector of vintage clothes. Those clothes I sold and those I didn't buy are the finds I regret the most. So I have promised myself not to get rid of any of my beloved treasures, ever again.

I have always been a normal weight/slim girl unil the last years when I gained 40 pounds so I have to show you a part of my collection on a dummy. I hope I will be able to wear these once more in my life. As Sophistique Noir is a goth style blog I'll show you some black vintage clothing that could definitely be suitable for a night at a goth club or event.

My first piece is a 50's thick brocade dress . The bodice and skirt panels are not parted so the amount of fabric used in this is dress must be huge. 
Here's a closeup of the lovely heartshaped neckline. You can see that the brocade has fine baby blue details. The necklace is made of a vintage bracelet and vintage earclips ( I have a bracelet with the same parts as the earclips).

 Next dress reminds me very much of the dress that Vampira used in her shows. It is sewn for an hourglass shaped body (it looks ill fitting on the slim dummy). It is a thin wool dress made in Ireland. Elbow lenght kimono sleeves with wedges in the armpits for movement. According to the cut of the shoulders and arms I beleive it's mid 50's when sloping shoulders were popular.
Detail of the deep neckline and a 50's necklace ( I have matching earclips with theese).

The last dress is my Suzy Wong dress, probably from the end of 50's mid 60's. It is a snug fit dress with chinese collar. The neck is so tight that I have never been able to close the last button of it, even if I have been slim.

The fabric is a structured black wool blend with copper brown inlays. A white removable inner collar is a extra detail

Last picture shows my absolute vintage favourite shoes. My brass studded 40's sandals. The huge bows with studs make these shoes a statement piece. They look fabulous on the feet and are very comfortable, like most vintage shoes are.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of my vintage collection.

söndag 24 mars 2013

In between winter and spring

The latest posts has been so depressed so I have to try to write something fun, eeehhh.... well.. I'm drinking lots of freshly pressed blood oranges from Sicily to beat any viruses of my body. This glass contains a bit rum, soda and sugar as well, just because it's saturday. I don't drink much alcohol maybe one or two glasses per weekend. There's a post about the benefits of blood orange in my other blog.
 A sunstorm has thrown particles into our atmosphere and we have been blessed with beautiful northern lights this week. We had to take a tiny trip with the car to to a high located field, to get a good photoshot of it. Cloudy sky is blurring the light though. If you are interested in beautiful photos of this phenomena I recommend Jonna Jintons blog.
Best time of the week is the weekend when the kids are at home. I love to have them around. Here the youngest ones are resting on the backside of the garage. The clothes are thrown off and laying at the dry grass.

We have even had some barbecue and sat outdoors on the porch to eat.

Another sign of spring is the willow kiss that has burst. 

fredag 15 mars 2013

Monthly status report: March forward

It’s the first time I’m joining my huge inspiration Corp Goth’s monthly theme. Shes a female in my own age who have succeded to keep her goth style intact and yet made in to a more mature and corporate style. 

I giggled when I read the theme of the month. I threatened her that I would show her my working shoes and here they are. It look a bit clowny or like Pippi Longstockings with the stripy tights and the steel toed worker shoes.
Thights: Gudrun Sjödén
Skirt: Indiska 15 years old
Cardigan: Ellos
Necklace: Shyme’s design
Shirt: Gina Tricot, fleamarket find

Here’s another photo of me and the shoes. I’m sitting by my new height adjustable office desk wich I’m very pleased with. The childrens drawings on the wall makes me smile.

I think the headline is very appropriate. I need the strength to march forward, I feel like a warrior at heart. It has nothing to do with the things I wrote in the last post but it affecting us all negatively. Probably I can speak about it within a month. My feelings are rage, fear and revenge. I’m a warrior.

tisdag 12 mars 2013


I'm an expert in dealing with critics and I'm a real professional in receiving shit from people, but I can't take compliments. 
It's has been a fact for a long time of my life. 
Now this barrel of shit is brimful, the shit is overflowing. 
I can't take anymore shit from people who tries to make me feel lousy and useless. 
I'm going to make a difference now. 
Hey, I'm used to fight from below, to climb. 
I promise I will never step on other people, I will never ever be mean to another, but I will be honest to others and true to myself. 
Nasty words will be mirrored back and I will walk away.

(one of few photos I'm pleased with)

lördag 2 mars 2013

Monthly theme post: Purple

I've been skipping Victorian Kitty's theme posts for far too many times now. When she choosed the excellent theme purple I definitely had to join, until I realized that I don't have much purple at home. I love that colour with the combination of black but have not much clothes, interior stuff etc. 
But I could show you what I'm working on right now wich is actually something purple. Insomniacs Attic knows definitely what is going on here :). It's a work in progress for a surprise for my fellow readers and this is so far I have come. The fabric is printed with my own design and then stitched with hand embroidery.

One thing I do frequently including the purple colour is nails. I found this talented nail artist. I wish I had her long nails and excellent patience. It takes lots of practising, patience and skills to make marbled nails. I made four but only one was good looking enough to take a blurry photo of. Click the link above to nicer examples and instructible tutorials.

The cute boyfriend (I'm so lucky and my female relatives have named him teddybear :D ) he forces me to buy nail polish at the supermarket. That is something that makes you happy, so please buy, says he.
 At last I would like to show you another loving couple. Our bunnies have fallen madly in love with each other. they are kissing and licking each other all the time. It breaks my heart to see them apart like this with the fence separating them. But if we would let them be together we would possibly end up with lots of bunnies, if we are lucky. If it goes worse we maybe end up with only one, the lady is almost 5 years old and I'm not sure if she can carry a baby.
Enjoy your weekend ladies <3 i="">