onsdag 30 december 2015

Throwing out old garbage and looking forward to a fresh start

For me Bat Fit has been a lot about mind cleansing recent years. Until las autumn, I was surrounded by toxic people at a toxic job and it left me feeling completely useless. A couple of years ago, I was deeply depressed, suicidal, but during my journey back to life, a couple 

of descisions were taken:

1. Get healthy enough to get another job. If you feel useless and depressed, I can assure you that it is impossible to get hired elsewere.
2. If you don't find a proper job. Think of doing something completely different. So I started school agin at the same time I had my pissy full time job, but it worked great. Eventhough I should be more stressed, I was actually happier and felt that Im not that stupid useless crap my bosses made me think.
3. Get another profession. My goal was to become a highschool teacher in chemistry and I sended out my CV's to a couple of local schools and heard nothing fo 8 months. Last year a principal called and wanted to book an interview. I got a new job.
4. Finish my exam and do a excellent job. This is were I am right now and can admit that I haven't been a good student but a great teacher working too much. I have a couple of essays to write this week before next semester.
5. Loose weight by excersise. My dream is that I will be able to run again. But a broken knee and overweight prevents that now.
6. Eat healthier. I know what works for me and that is low carb with lots of vegetables.
These two last things are difficult as I work most of my time awake. I have to make room for exercise and to make healthy lunch boxes and stop eating in front of the tv. 
All the working, studying and bad eating have given me a stress belly. I have always been an hourglass, but now Im an barrel shaped figure. That is very dangerous because heart failures runs in my family.
During my holiday off work, I've been taken daily walks and a bit of weight lifting.

My face has become really puffy lately.

Thank godness for beautiful surroundings!

My breakfast this morning was a green smoothie. A habit I must start again, slowly. If you don't start slowly you will end up with bad headache.
If you haven't heard about Bat Fit yet, hop over to Frannys blog to read more, and join the amazing facebook group.

I usually hate shopping in town. But as I got money to spend for Christmas I made an exception. A big wool sweater, a pair of earrings, an expensive but very good deodorant and a book. 
For you Swedish speaking readers, I can really recommend Mörkersdottir förlag. The owner writes horror and supernatural fiction and herself and releasing books of other writers, like the one above. 
Sekten på Dimön (The sect on Fog Island) is based on the writers experiences of the Scientiology church were she were living and working for the inner circle. I'll post a review of it once its read.

söndag 27 december 2015

Time to breathe

A Christmas without decorations is not a great one, I think. So even if I have lack of time I decorated the home. My zink cones got some green moss and shiny red globes
The theme of this years tree was "ordinary" silver and red colours, some antique, some new and lots of homemade ornaments.

It's not very homogenic but it's local and we also supporting a friend by buying it.

I hope your Christmas, or whatever you call it, was nice. We celebrated Christmas eve with my parents in my birthtown. Later in the evening my nephew and girlfriend joined us to the church for midnight ceremony and to listen to our cousin singing. I also met uncles and other cousins. It was a great get together.
On Christmas day, mother in law and kids arrived to eat and change gifts. Calm and pleasant.
The rest of the time has been spent cooking in the kitchen, painting in the garage and walking in the forest. I will start to take things serious again tomorrow, picking up my neglected studies and maybe correcting some mathtests.

söndag 20 december 2015

Not dead....yet

Im sitting on my front porch, drinking coffe with only a top and trousers. Not freezing at all. Wtf. Its the same temperature like we had at summer soltice. I want snow now... :-( .

Im off from work for winter holidays so I will finally have the time to see what you've been up to. This autumn. See you..