lördag 26 januari 2013

Homemade nailpolish

 I stor my nailpolishes in a casket. To get a good view of what I have I rowed them up and sorted them in matching colours. By that way I can see what colours I should look for when I buy nailpolish. It is obiously that I need a yellow, a dark green, some more blue shades, purple shades and maybe a brownish colour, and a light grey. Otherwise I have most of the colours. Can't have too many right ;)
There has been a sale in the super market of Nordic Caps nailpolishes. Very cheap polish with good covering but a bit soft even after hardening. I found them in the local supermarket for only 1 € each. I bought the clear polish to make my own of old eyeshadows.
The grey polis is made of a grey very shimmering eyeshadow. I didn't use this much so this was a good way to get rid of it. The yellowish one is a golden powder to use were you need a golden highligt, so typicall the millenium. Also the semi transparent one in the middle is a highlight powder with white shimmering and blueish flakes in it. The beige polish is the matching loose eyshadow to the grey. I cant use eyshadows with this much shimmer. It makes me look older.

This is how the four ones looks on the nail. My long finger is painted with the beige one and my pointing finger is painted with the white shimmering. The coverage is not so good. You need 2 to 3 layers. The shimmering shades will be used for highlighting.
This is how the golden and the white shimmering polishes looks painted on top of black nailpolish.

You can also use glitter from the hobby stores if you would like to try to make your own polish.

torsdag 24 januari 2013

Fluffy bunny

It has been really cold days now the frost cover the trees and turns the landscape to a dreamy fairytale land.

A few weeks ago a friend called me and asked if I could take care of her bunny Fluffy. She was moving from her house to an apartment and she felt that she couldn't give him the proper care there. As I'm very soft hearted when it comes to pets, I couldn't refuse. This little dust was is Fluffy. I got him for free but bought the cage. Without telling anyone in the family exept Johan, I prepared for his arrival and bought a fence for a little pasture.

Before I wen't to get him I asked Moa if she wanted a bunny. Oh, dear, she was shining like the sun! She fell instantly in love with the little fuzz.

Unfortunately he has suffered from eye infection for a while. And I'm a little worried about it. I was told that long haired rabbits gets that easily. If it wont get better I will take him to a vet to get a proper medication.

I put the rabbits beside each other so they could get company of each other without fighting or making babies. They seem to like each other but the old one seems to be a little envious. How do I know this, you wonder... she's so easy to understand. She has a body language that is communicative and I think there is a some thelepaty as well.

Here's some tracks in the garden from their cousins. The twigs sticking up from the snow is leftovers from cabbage and kale. I always leave those for the deers and hares.


söndag 20 januari 2013

Restyle sale is a webstore filled with lots of lovely clothes and accesoires. The quality is very varying but the prices are low. Recently I bought a couple of items at the sale at Restyle. I bought the shirt; Punk Rave Y-213 with ruffles and extended sleeves.

The size was L. I wanted to buy XL but there were no left so I thought I would try. I would rather call this a size medium, but the arms are so thin on the shirt that if I loose weight I'm not sure I will be able to use it anyway :(. This is how it looks on the model.

I also bought a pair of sunglasses. Very 50's style. I'm not sure how many of this kind of glasses I have used through the years and brake. I will always be in need of at least a pair of these. They goes well with victorian style clothes and vintage clothes. I got a little annoyed to see that there were a few of those purple glass gothic ones left right now as there were no left when I bought these, grr. I have to limit myself now!!

My first underbust corset was bought from the sale; the heavy lacing corset green. I tried it on and it looks fabulous. It reduces my waist with almost 4 inches and feels comfortable to wear. I think it will be great to train in. The quality seems quite good comparing to those I have. The outer fabric seems a little fragile though it is a flocked lace print on a thin emerald green fabric. I'm sure I will by more of these.

I took a long walk yesterday to go to our supermarket to get a postal delivery. The walk took a little more than an hour and I was freezing my ass of, literally. It was -12 degrees C and a beautiful day with shimmering ice crystals in the air and on the trees. I decided to take a stroll around the church and the churchyard that I pass on the way. 

This is our beautiful little wooden church in our neighbourhood. It is built sometime during the 17th century. The closests graves around the church are very mixed in age. I passed a new one with a picture of a young boy who died  two years ago in a motorcycle accident just a kilometer away. The atmosphere around the stone was so sad and sorrowful that I started to cry. I guess that it was the imprint of his mourning relatives that I felt.

Update: I'm so damn sick and tired of my owerweight. As I feel better in my head I have the energy to take care of the rest. I've been trying Ashtanga Yoga a few times and got really stuck on it. I love the silence, the breathing sound, the meditativeness and the tought gymnastics. I have checked the instructors out and they are very muscular. That is understandable because I hade muscle ace in a week after the first session.

It is held in a beautiful slag stone building by the river. As a contrast, Johan had attended a hyper modern gym with fitness people and lots of classes with tricky names like cxsworx cx30, bodycombat and easy line. We are kidding each other about the training. I'm definitely not in the mood for pounding music and strange machines, I prefer "ohm shanti shanti".

lördag 12 januari 2013

The Ghastlies part two

I bought a couple of fabrics on etsy of the pattern The Ghastlies. As I fell in love with these fabrics I had to buy a mix of them. The Ghastlies gallery was presented in this post
Rest of the fabrics have been transformed to cusions

If you click on the pictures you can see the lovely details of the prints.
The bed cover and other cusions is from Zara Home.

Living with  spontaneous children can be challenging, every day is a surprise and a new situation to handle. The eldest came home and said that he now had enough money to buy a budgie. He then ran upstairs to his room and checked the internet for a cage. Then he made the phonecall to the seller and settled an appointment the next day. So suddenly we have two budgies in our family.

They are only 10 weeks and a little shy. I'm not sure about the gender of one of them so Oskar gave that bird a girl/boy name Kim. As we don't  know if it's a he(=han) or she(=hon) we call Kim the in new swedish word in between; "hen". That is typical swedish, inventing new words in the vocabulary. 

tisdag 8 januari 2013


 I saw a post at Meeow de la Peluche's blog, she had made amazing nails in toned colours with glitter on top. I used some other matching colours that and painted a glittery top layer on the whole nail. For the tutorial, check the link above to CATastrophes'n'CATacombs excellent blog. 
To get a good and lasting result, start with a clear base coat and finish with a clear top layer both from Depend. The other colours are: Pink Nordic cap Star Nails, Peacock purple Couleurs Nature Yves Rocher,  Shimmering midnight blue Nordic Cap Star Nails and glitter polish FOF. These colours are bought very cheap at the super market except the one from Yves Rocher that is at least 10 years old (and still working :))
Johan called the look; A winters night

The weather is almost like spring. The temperature is just below freezing temperature and the weather is sunny. As I didn't get any sunlight during the holidays, lunch walks are very invigorating. This is the amazing view we have outside the factory. This photo is taken a little walk from the work but it looks the same if you look out from the windows. It's like a new painting every hour of the day when the light or weather is changing.

måndag 7 januari 2013

Bat Fit Kick off 2013

Its time for a new year and another year of Bat Fit. The inspiring curious Professor are hosting this events and  give the members of this group challenges every now and then.
 One great idea she shares is to fill a jar with paper pieces with things to be grateful and happy for, postitive thoughts. I will definitely do this and share my thoughts to you in the end of this year.

Last year wasn't the best. Negative stress at work and unhandled traumas, gave me a severe depression. Actually, I can't work without my medicine and if I get the help, I'm not sure were I would have been then. 

So off with the old and boring stuff and in with new fresh ideas. I'm going on the right track now. VEGETABLES!!!!
Garlic from my garden patch

Yes Vegetables! I will eat lots of them, lots of raw and some cooked. But it has to be the main thing on the menu through the whole day. Dairy, gluten will be cut off and animal meat intake will be reduced.

I have a wonderful growing season to look forward to and before anything can grow outdoors I will grow sprouts of all kinds.

I have also started a new blog!! (Something I never thought I would)
There will be posts about healthy food and growing vegetables. I will share lots of my recipes. This blog will force me to live the way I need, the healthy way.
No weight goal this time. Hopefully weightloss will come by getting more nutricious food and energy.

fredag 4 januari 2013

Monthly theme post. New years eve

I'm sorry for not posting any fancy outfit pictures of myself here, I told you before I don't like to see myself on photos. Instead I would like to talk about New Years resolutions. Some might think it's silly and hard to stick to the promises, but as the new year begins, I think it's good to make a fresh start. The days around new year are good to contemplate over your life and things you would like to change to the better.

2013 Will be the year of positive changes!

That's the resolution I made on New Years eve, while standing on the front yard watching fireworks and kom-loy lanterns in the clear midnight sky.

So what does this mean in reality? Well....
  1. I will continue with the Professor's Bat Fit challenge and do it right. Therefore I have started a new blog where I will post nutricious and healthy recipes and write about my vegetable gardening. No talk about my weight and private stuff, just interesting facts and how to's (I will stay here as well).
  2. I have started to work with my mental health and will continue this process. I'm avoiding energy thieves and consuming tasks. I will take sceduled breaks from internet and facebook in particular to be more present.
  3. I'm going to do something about my career.
  4. I will do regular exercise and spend more time outdoors.
  5. You will see me smile.