lördag 18 augusti 2018

Pamper yourself

I've been working for a couple of days. It is a huge transition from living in an almost solitude and low pace to a mass of chatting people and lots of impressions and new things that this year will bring. We also have a music festival in town, Sabaton open air and we always buy tickets for the whole weekend. It can become too much noise at the same time.
One thing I haven't told you, is that I live with recurring angst, ever since my depression. Angst is (for me anyway) thoughts of feeling useless, not good enough and a freak. I have a history of beeing the black sheep of the family, an odd bird and so it still goes on. We were suppost to go to a fancy pre party today and then further on to the festival, with a bunch of happy people. But angst and other private circumstances made me choose to stay at home alone. At the same time I did not want this, I really need the silence and solitude. At the same time I would love to have my spouse at home with me, but he is extremely extroverted and is happiest among other people and I want him to be happy.
Shit happens and sometimes I need to put myself first, if I ever will become sane.

So silence and solitude is the way for me to pamper myself.
Another is at least trying to take care of my appearance.
I visited an old coworker in july. We went to the city were she lives and had some coffee and icecream (fika). She and her daughter forced me in an nail saloon. This was my first visit and I choosed only an acrylic nail strenghtening.
The blue nails are mine. I'm very pleased with the result and a month later, my nails are long and strong. I've been building the last weeks of my vacation and my nails are still perfect.

So how do you keep your nails? Do you have natural, gel or acrylic nails and what do you think about it?
Have a lovely saturday <3 p="">