torsdag 28 juli 2016

Update. I'm just fine :-)

Thought that I should give you a short update of what I've been doing during this long absense. Well I've been working very hard that I had an emotional meltdown during the school exam, sitting on my office chair and just wept. I could keep myself together during the moments I had to show myself in front of students, parents and coworkers but couldn't bear the whole day.  It's not only students who have angst over grading.

This summer, my holiday last for 8 whole weeks. Imagine that!! It is very needed and I'm som worth it, as our hard working teenagers. Enough work talk.

We spent a whole week at the cottage. Fishing and eating pike (only me and Alfons ate it with apetite). Cycling trolley for 40 km (well I sat a lot of the time). Having days at the beach (I love that beach). And cheer on Gustav at the football cup. Got almost eaten up by gnats, mosquitoes and horseflies.

I had the opportunity to have my youngest son here for almost 5 weeks. He's a great company, but he has reached that age when parents are an embarrassement whatever they do. Still he says I'm his best friend. That sounds sweet but, yes he should say that to someone in his own age.

Now I have another three weeks by myself. Alone in my home and that is amazing. I have time and energy to be social (hellooo friends, I haven't seen in a year..) do things that need to be done..or not. do some foraging like picking berries and eating home grown vegetables, yum!. Sweating my days away in the heat. But most of all, I'm enjoying the silence and the opportunity to own my own thoughts.

Summer legs: I scratch myself in sleep of all mosquito bites.

I'm sorry if the page looks wonky but our internet died during a thunderstorm, so I'm finishing this post a few days late on my phone.