torsdag 22 maj 2014

I need to cheer up!!

Sheez, I have clearly been absent in almost a month here. I have been busy with my studies and family issues. Im not in a very good mood right now. I miss my eldest son who refuse to come home and he refuses to even say hello. Im very sad about this. I have ransacked myself about the reasons but I can’t find anything specific.
When I saw the 100happydays challenge on facebook, I joined, because I really need to see the good things every day brings. In this way, I will be able to stand strong and keep going, taking care of everything else. Take a look at my Instagram for more happy days. This is also a great challenge for you bat fit girls. I definitely believe that to be able to break bad habits you need to feel good (or better) inside, to have the strength to do the changes you need.

Summer  has arrived and my garden need lots of tlc. My lazy spot has to wait.

 Other fun things I’ve been doing is visiting my parents to greet my dad on his birthday. Their Chinese crested dog is busy watching over the hens, while the evil rooster is locked up in the hen house. He takes his job very serious.
We have been on a real redneck event. First release of cows after winter. It was fun to see those clumsy bodies frolic around in the green grass. They will now have a long lovely summer on the fields. The animal protection laws are perhaps the most strict in the world. The winter stable is therefore clean, huuge windows, fresh smelling and the cows are not tied up in the stable.

We bought a new grill. It was labelled Goth so this was an easy choice, it also works excellent J
Last but not least: I have finished my studies for the season, that means lots of sparetime to enjoy time outdoors.

torsdag 1 maj 2014

Decreasing my carbon footprint

The strange weather phenomenas and the depressive reports about the worlds health has made me really concerned. I made a carbon footprint test that told me that living the way I do would demand more that two earths. I live 3 km from work, in the same direction is the youngest school. Every morning I drive us to school and work, I drive behind a nearly empty bus, what the f---k am I doing! So the adults had an internal family discussion about how we behave. Johan is driving in his thirsty car alone to town every day. Since we have a bus stop just around the corner of our house we actually should use the bus instead. We are lucky to have a frequent bus line were we live. My own birth town closed it down because no one used it.
So we bought us bus cards and started to use the bus instead. When there's no kids at home, I take the bicycle/walk/bus and with the kids, we take the bus. Johan needs the car when his kids are at home but otherwise, he takes the bus. It's definitely not cheaper for me but there's another benefit: Suddenly we realised that we are more relaxed when we arrive at work or home. Even if we have a time to catch, we have a rest at the bus (even if it's not a comfortable ride). So I might take that test again and hopefully I only need one earth...
So what are you doing to decrease your carbon footprint?

Yesterday was Valborg/Beltane/Walpurgis night. Snow blended rain wasn't very tempting even if a huge bonfire and a choir singing could warm our souls. We choosed to stay indoors and play a local Monopoly game. 
Today is Labour day a day off. The snow is slowly melting away and the the water is dripping from the roofs. I bought a rain chain for my rain water bin at Indiska. I thought the splashing at the garage wall would decreased but it didn't. Well it looks nice anyway. You can see on this photo that the fir trees are gone. 
Another photo of melting snow... I have already planted onions and my mother came by and planted potatoes for me. 
Do you celebrate Valborg/Beltane/Walpurgis in some way? Do you celebrate Labour day?