torsdag 30 maj 2013

Lily of the Valley

I love this time of year.  Im busy, feeling high on the emerald green energy our nature is glowing of. Yesterday I took a fast lunch walk around the waste land and picked some flowers for my office. The fragrance is wonderful and coworkers smile and sniff in the air.
Have a lovely weekend dear fellows <3

söndag 26 maj 2013

Medieval fair

The annual medieval market in Leksand is a nice event to visit. Visitors and sellers dress up in beautiful appropriate clothes. Lots of fun things to buy and see. Tournaments, orchs, musicians, jesters and lot more.
I wore my newly bought Ewa i Walla skirt, with a simple tshirt. I was lucky that they had an temporary outlet in Falun.  Even though I was short of money I  had to take saved money and buy this skirt, a silk dress and trousers.
The necklaces are a women's utility knife and a cross i bought at the fair.

onsdag 22 maj 2013

Happy World Goth Day

I spend a calm evening at home, sipping on some absinthe watching paranormal investigation series.  How do you spend this day?

Beige, fun or boring

I have a pair of beige ankle length trousers I feel comfortable in but they are a bit boring. Today I used them with a black top. To make it a bit less plain, I put on these grey dotted stockings and a pair of the thrift store shoes.

tisdag 7 maj 2013

New shoes AGAIN!

My boots started to fall apart and I despretately needed nice everyday shoes. We were actually going to town to buy clothes for Oskar but when we passed the thrift store we took a peak inside. I found two nice and comfortable pairs. The pointy toes has a nice height of the heels and are very comfortable, they cost me  17€. The other pair has higher heels and rounder toes, cost me 12€. They both are like new. 
I even changed shoes in the store to have nicer shoes to walk in, I put on the pointy toes. Oskar asked, are you going to were theese now?? When I comfirmed, he declared that he refused to walk by my side. I know he want's me to look like every other mum, but I guess I would be embarrassing in anyway. 
The small guys bought shirts. At home Alfons had a lesson of how to fold a tshirt properly with me. Very instructive with step by step and stacking his new tshirts in an even pile (Alfons in a nutshell).

First picture of my new haircut. I wanted to dye it black before I posted a picture. I usually wear it with side part on the other side because I will grow my sideshave out (for the moment).
 I took this picture after running the errands in town with three boys in shopping spree (tiired). I am completely broke now but I couldnt resist to buy a pair of Star Wars shoes to G, my step son, angry birds bathing shorts to Alfons and the clothes I was supposed to buy for Oskar.