lördag 19 september 2015

DIY Nailpolish shelf

I'm so sorry for not keeping up reading your blogs. I really don't have the time. I thought this semester would be easier but apart from the teaching schedule I have a large bunch of students to help them to fix old failed examinas. Plus no time for studying myself, bohoo!
A while ago, I got this great idea. I was tired of digging for the right colour in the basket where I store my nailpolishes . I thought of looking for a spice shelf but something made of acrylic would be more practical. It's easier to see the package and the colour with a transparent material, right? 
My idea took shape after som measuring and scetching. And it is easier than I thought, so I must share it with you :-)
First of all you need acrylic plastic. Check the size your supplier sells and calculate how much you need. I hung my shelves on the inside of the bathroom cupboard and the sheets with the size below were perfect. On both sides there is a plastic shield that you should leave until it's time to heat the plastic
The shelv is basically a rectangular piece that is bent two times to form the shelf. First I take a fine toothed saw (for sawing steel tubes etc) and cut of 10mm on the lenght side. This part will be sides of the shelves.
On the side that will be the upper part of the shelf, two holes for hanging is drilled. I recommend you to buy screws in the right dimension before you drill a hole.
Now is the time to remove the shielding plastic. Take a sharp needle or something and a ruler. Measure out were the bends should be placed and carve a line with the help by the ruler and needle. Use a heating gun to warm the plastic on both sides. Remember, this will need time, patience and control. If you heat the plastic to much the plastic will bubble before you even notice. Too little and the plastic will never bend. 
Note that your surface should be CLEAN. I got some spots on the acrylic while working on this bench. Anyway the steel lined work bench were perfect for this job. With some help of a scrapped steel plate I bent the front of the becoming shelf. Don't take short cuts on this, the bend must be 90 degrees.
Heat again on both sides of the plastic and bend again. 

This is how the finished shelf looks like in a closeup. A piece of acrylic is glued with super glue on the sides. The nail polish bottles slip very easy.

Shelves are ready to be filled. Well I filled them and there were half of the nailpolishes left. So I have to make some more of these. One cannot have too many nailpolishes.

A shitty summer turned to a nice autumn. No frost yet and some weird delays in natures circle like, flying ants 22 of august instead of the 8th like they always do. I'm convinced it's the pollution.

 I finally got some black hollycocks in bloom. They have a different shade depending on the light, its very nice. I got a row of large sunflowers filled with seeds. The bumblebees likes to rest in them. Some of them get slower and slower until they die hanging on the flower. Anyway the seeds will become healthy sprouts for the winter.