fredag 21 september 2018

Time flies

The semester started insanely hectic. Things that really stress me out, is when I don't have control over the situation and when I don't get the time for planning and reflection. I have been on the edge of exhaustion lately. I have a ton of work to do, but right now, I'll take the time to write a post. Because it's autumn 💜. I love it. I will soon lay the garden to rest for winter.
We had our first frost night, but I snatched a photo of my mediterranean corner before it hit. Pumpkin, basil, cucumber, sunflowers, grape, lavender, tomatoes and chilis are growing together at this spot. The tomatoes looks tired, but the cucumber likes this moist weather.
I learned a lesson about pumpkins, this summer. They crossbreed with zucchini very easy. You can see a glimpse of it by the colour of the green pumpkin. I Planted what I thought was a Connecticut field (Traditional Halloween pumpkin), but the fruit looked like a swollen zucchini. That one is left in the garden. I also realised that pumkins actually prefer a normal summer, not the hot and dry one like we had this year.
My flower beds are a sad sight. But I also grow flowers in my vegetable garden, they literally flourish. The green twigs with red berries are aspargus. There are seeds inside the berries that I will try to sow.
My Begonia Odorata having its crescendo right now. I took it indoors to enjoy the flowers. Johan thinks they smell like Gin and Tonic.

Things I do at work: Letting the teenagers burn metallic salts. I beleive it's Potassiumpermanganate here, or a mixture of salts (because they have to try that too).

I reminded my old chemistry teachers hands, they looked damaged of all the chemicals he unsafely handled. I looked the same (almost). It is the salt mentioned above that gives these spots. They disappeared a day later.
Our ash tree at the backyard looks so beautiful with the green and yellow tones.