måndag 18 februari 2013

The countess heart

I buy far to few items from etsy, and I buy far too few items from fellow bloggers/ladies in black. But I'm trying to change that. Good artists need to be promoted and helped along. It might be a great part of their income. 

I have longing for one of Countess Audronashas lovely work for a long time. Last time I checked her etsy store I couldnt resist this lovely heart brooch called Hanged by love.

It has lots of lovely details and is so well made. I put it on my coat beside a black flower brooch I made. It's perfect :). As a little extra treasure she sent this little key pendant along with the parcel. I love things like that, that little extra surprise. I will use it in one of my crafts project later (jewellery, asseccory or scrapbooking)
Countess Audronasha has a wonderful blog with lots of DIY posts and Gothic lolita style, very inspirational.

Talking about inspiration, I got severe lack of it lately. Work has drained me on energy and other private matters. It's strange how two more hours at work can get so exhausting. But I have to thank the yoga and my better food habits for coping.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Than you a lot for featuring me :D Enjoy your heart as much as I enjoyed making it :)

  2. This brooch is so beautiful! Too bad I never wear brooches 'cause this one is really worth it.

  3. It's beautiful, and how sweet she sent you the little key pendant!

    I really like the frames you've put around your pictures - how do you do that? :o)

  4. That brooch is lovely! So Gothic Victorian! :)

  5. Oh, vad fin! Verkligen välgjord, trodde det var en stor kudde :O
    Älskar skorna du visade i förra inlägget!

  6. Totally unique! I think you´ll look lovely with this little trassure in your coat.

  7. Underbart hjärta! Måste genast kolla in kontessans sida.

  8. That heart brooch is just precious! Love the little bat detail on it <3 You just reminded me that I have a key necklace somewhere :O maybe I should seek it out and wear it tonight :)

  9. Så vackert hjärta!

    Jo, det är verkligen kul att jag gått ned så mycket, men jag skulle gärna vilja må bättre också, men tror att det mest beror på vädret som jag varit så kass hela vintern, så våren får gärna börja komma snart..!

    KRAM, Jenny