söndag 24 mars 2013

In between winter and spring

The latest posts has been so depressed so I have to try to write something fun, eeehhh.... well.. I'm drinking lots of freshly pressed blood oranges from Sicily to beat any viruses of my body. This glass contains a bit rum, soda and sugar as well, just because it's saturday. I don't drink much alcohol maybe one or two glasses per weekend. There's a post about the benefits of blood orange in my other blog.
 A sunstorm has thrown particles into our atmosphere and we have been blessed with beautiful northern lights this week. We had to take a tiny trip with the car to to a high located field, to get a good photoshot of it. Cloudy sky is blurring the light though. If you are interested in beautiful photos of this phenomena I recommend Jonna Jintons blog.
Best time of the week is the weekend when the kids are at home. I love to have them around. Here the youngest ones are resting on the backside of the garage. The clothes are thrown off and laying at the dry grass.

We have even had some barbecue and sat outdoors on the porch to eat.

Another sign of spring is the willow kiss that has burst. 

9 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, norrsken! Har jag aldrig sett i verkligheten.

  2. I've never seen the Northern Lights, except in pictures and on TV. I hope that if we move to the country, one day I'll get to see them too!

    Aaaah, I love that spoon and crystal ornament you have hanging in the tree! What an awesome idea, Linnea-Maria! :D

  3. Ser ut att vara en smarrig drink!

    Norrsken ser så vackert ut,
    fast jag har bara sett det på bild...
    aldrig i verkligheten..!

    KRAM & ha en fin ny vecka vännen!

  4. It looks so beautiful there...

  5. I love northern lights! I haven't seen them since I moved to a city. It's been so long!

  6. Åh, vad jag läntar efter vår när jag ser dina bilder! Bor visst lite högre upp...Men norrskenet syntes även här, fast jag missade det, satt o såg på film, hah!

  7. In my country there are no blood oranges in shops, only those ordinary ones. I wish I can see northern lights myself one day :), it looks incredible.

  8. I think I may have to start drinking blood orange juice.

  9. Beautiful pictures. Wish it was spring here, too.