torsdag 30 maj 2013

Lily of the Valley

I love this time of year.  Im busy, feeling high on the emerald green energy our nature is glowing of. Yesterday I took a fast lunch walk around the waste land and picked some flowers for my office. The fragrance is wonderful and coworkers smile and sniff in the air.
Have a lovely weekend dear fellows <3

10 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. PS. You've won the giveaway over on my blog. I've emailed you. :)

  2. Känner nästan doften hit..! Underbart! :)

    Ha en fin helg!

    KRAM, Jenny

  3. Ååå jag älskar såna blommor! <3

  4. I love lilies-of-the-valley! I bought bulbs and tried to grow some in my new garden last year. They put up a few skinny leaves, but never bloomed, and they didn't come up at all this year; I don't think they like it under my yellow plum tree. :-(

  5. Our lily-of-the-valley's are blooming, too! I'm going to ask the spouse to pull out a few before we leave so we can have some at the new place.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Linnea-Maria! :o)

  6. Lily of the vally, pretty and dealy! ^^

  7. I love lilies-of-the-valley too, I still always pick these for mom for Mother's Day every year...^^

    Anyway, you're absolutely right about the energies of nature this time of the year, Spring somehow makes me more enduring mentally and emotionally as well...:)

  8. These have been my favorite flower since I was a child. I had a small doll scented like lily of the valley that came in a perfume bottle.