måndag 1 juli 2013

Down the rabbithole

She's a naughty little creature our bunny. In an instant moment she has dig a hole a few meters under ground. Alfons tried to close it but she was there to do an protest action.
This is something that happens every year, it's in her nature.

Look how she shoveling away the dirt behind her.  I have never clipped her claws and it's obviously not neccessary.

Oops! Down she goes.

And gone she is...
Since we barricaded her hole she was crossed for a day and refused to look at us.

It doesn't look much for the world right now, my lot for beans and peas. But there is two months left of the growing season. I have started to use the empty space between the rows of peas, maché salad and leaves from beetroot is perfect and ready to harvest now. 

11 kommentarer:

  1. Jag vill också ha en kanin...och höns...

  2. Your feisty little bunny has given me a good laugh!

  3. Did You find her, or is she gone for good?

    1. Don't worry, she came back again and with a stubborn look in her face "don't you dare destroying my work".

  4. Om 2 månader, i september? Oj :( Hur länge varar sedan säsongen?

  5. The garden looks lovely! Bunnies are so naughty! MY parents lined the sides of the old cage a metre down with cement to stop their old bunnies escaping. They also had one who used to climb up the fence.

  6. Ja det sitter ju i deras natur att gräva hål, hihi.
    Har ni också nät på undersidan av buren?
    Ha en skön kväll.
    Kram Gerda

  7. I once had a bunny, a white one with red eyes. We made a big cage for him in the garden, and one afternoon, it was full off tunnels and he was gone. It used to be the first thing I've done after getting home from school to check my bunny and take him inside, so I didn't check the rest of our garden and freaked out...I thought I'll never see him again, but he was actually sitting on the stairs waiting for me to let him go inside...we secured the cage the very same day, and he never escaped again, but he dug an entire catacomb in there...:D

  8. What a cute bunny! I like your new header by the way, I never noticed it before. xo

  9. Haha, I think your rabbit is really cute :3

  10. Oh I once had a rabbit but keeping him in my flat was not a very pleasant experience so I had to give it away :/