onsdag 30 december 2015

Throwing out old garbage and looking forward to a fresh start

For me Bat Fit has been a lot about mind cleansing recent years. Until las autumn, I was surrounded by toxic people at a toxic job and it left me feeling completely useless. A couple of years ago, I was deeply depressed, suicidal, but during my journey back to life, a couple 

of descisions were taken:

1. Get healthy enough to get another job. If you feel useless and depressed, I can assure you that it is impossible to get hired elsewere.
2. If you don't find a proper job. Think of doing something completely different. So I started school agin at the same time I had my pissy full time job, but it worked great. Eventhough I should be more stressed, I was actually happier and felt that Im not that stupid useless crap my bosses made me think.
3. Get another profession. My goal was to become a highschool teacher in chemistry and I sended out my CV's to a couple of local schools and heard nothing fo 8 months. Last year a principal called and wanted to book an interview. I got a new job.
4. Finish my exam and do a excellent job. This is were I am right now and can admit that I haven't been a good student but a great teacher working too much. I have a couple of essays to write this week before next semester.
5. Loose weight by excersise. My dream is that I will be able to run again. But a broken knee and overweight prevents that now.
6. Eat healthier. I know what works for me and that is low carb with lots of vegetables.
These two last things are difficult as I work most of my time awake. I have to make room for exercise and to make healthy lunch boxes and stop eating in front of the tv. 
All the working, studying and bad eating have given me a stress belly. I have always been an hourglass, but now Im an barrel shaped figure. That is very dangerous because heart failures runs in my family.
During my holiday off work, I've been taken daily walks and a bit of weight lifting.

My face has become really puffy lately.

Thank godness for beautiful surroundings!

My breakfast this morning was a green smoothie. A habit I must start again, slowly. If you don't start slowly you will end up with bad headache.
If you haven't heard about Bat Fit yet, hop over to Frannys blog to read more, and join the amazing facebook group.

I usually hate shopping in town. But as I got money to spend for Christmas I made an exception. A big wool sweater, a pair of earrings, an expensive but very good deodorant and a book. 
For you Swedish speaking readers, I can really recommend Mörkersdottir förlag. The owner writes horror and supernatural fiction and herself and releasing books of other writers, like the one above. 
Sekten på Dimön (The sect on Fog Island) is based on the writers experiences of the Scientiology church were she were living and working for the inner circle. I'll post a review of it once its read.

18 kommentarer:

  1. Linnea-Maria,
    Happy New Year! I love that your changes include a How-To list with what worked for you. I love #2. If you can't make the BIG change, make a smaller one that will lead to the big change.

    I look forward to your 2016 adventures!

  2. Vad skönt att du mår bättre och är på rätt väg nu!

    Mitt enda tips för att gå ner i vikt är att sluta tänka på motion och köra portionskontroll. En måste motionera väldigt mycket för att få samma resultat som att äta lite mindre ger.

    1. Ja det med, mindre mat och bättre mat.

  3. Way to go on the new job! Keep up the good work, darling!

  4. Jag tycker att du är helt fantastisk som har åstadkommit så mycket,
    och man kan omöjligt fixa allt på en & samma gång...
    så du ska vara stolt över dig själv!

    KRAM & Gott Nytt År!!!
    Önskar dig endast gott inför 2016 <3

    1. Är man envis som en åsna så ;-)
      Tack hjärtat <3 och tack detsamma <3

  5. Heja dig! Önskar dig ett riktigt Gott Nytt År! Må det innehålla allt du vill och drömmer om, kramar.

  6. Lycka till med allt, jag är också pepp på att försöka äta nyttigare, jag älskar ju godis så kommer ju inte sluta helt men man kanske inte behöver en chokladbit varje dag :P

    1. Precis. När man väl äter godiset så kommer det ju även att smaka mycket godare :-)

  7. It certainly helps you have such beautiful scenery to look at while you're walking, linnea-maria! I'm just waiting on delivery of some new winter boots with better grips so I can start again.

    I was actually thinking of doing a few weights this year, too. If I don't get the muscles built up around my knees, I fear a knee replacement will be in store for me otherwise. I think this is where I'm supposed to say, 'It sucks getting older.' But you know what? It totally doesn't. I love retirement - so many projects to work on! I'm glad you got your job situation fixed. As much time as we spend at work, it's not good for our health if we hate every minute of it. :)

    1. It's the same for me. My knee sounds like when you brake a bisquit, every step. Weight loss and weight training will be the recipe :-D

  8. Happy New Year! I hope it is a good one for you!

  9. Congratulations on getting the new job! I feel the same way about my job right now, I admire you for finding the energy to go back to school and get away from it!

  10. Gosh I need to finally write my batfit post as well O_O° You seem to focus on your profession this year, best of luck for that and for the healthy eating & exercise as well, the hardest time is until one is used to the healthy habits!