lördag 23 januari 2016

Lots of nail tips in this post!!

It has become a weekly routine to change nailvarnish. Sundays or saturdays are the days for this activity. You know already that I sit a lot, studying or working by the computor and thats a time I can combine with nail painting.

One design I've always wanted to achieve is the triangled "half moon". I tried with scotch tape, sticky notes etc. You can see my sticky note result at my pointing finger, really bad.
Then Johan came up with the brilliant idea that I should try his electrical tape because its very flexible. It worked great! Another tip is to cut the tape in a small triangle and not a square, that makes it even more flexible, but smaller piece to handle. My ring and pinkie finger nails are masked with the last tape.
I might have written this before but I would like to add some tips to my:
How to grow long nails
  • File your nails in a pointy shape. Specially if your nails tends to brake from the sides.
  • I know eat sleep and live well have influence on how your nails will look and you already know that.
  • I have noticed that my nails are breaking easier and are weaker, like my hair, as I become older and coming closer to the menopause (not there yet). So stay young noting the line above.
  • Use a nail polish remover that doesn't weaken your nails. I tried one acetone free that actually dilluted the plastic of my keyboard, it contained propylene carbonate. I use one now that contains ethyl acetate and it works fine.
  • After the polish remover, wash your hands and moisturize and re-grease them with a oil rich hand cream.
  • Use a protecting base coat, like the one in the photo below. Two layers.
  • Do your nail art and let the varnish dry completely befor another layer is applied.
  • Finish with a hard top coat that protects your design.
  • Don't hurry. I did and broke several nails while digging in my handbag for keys.

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  1. Those nails are really pretty!! I'm definitely envious of people with pretty nails! I don't have the patience for it myself... I work a lot with my hands and my nails are thin and rather brittle so I just keep them short, neat and practical.

    1. I agree, working with ones hands counteract nailgrowth. Thats why my nails are short during the garden season

  2. What a great idea! Works well too! Looks great!

  3. I like that look of the V ... Johan is brilliant! LOL

    Our waitress the other day had hers done like that, with an extra thin V of maroon between the black and the unvarnished part. But I think she had them done professionally - I can't imagine how hard that would be to do. My nails are always awful for breaking in the winter. I don't even bother trying to grow them until spring. :)

    1. I've seen that thin V too, on internet :-). Oh for me it's the contrary. My nails breaks during the garden season.

  4. Those are great tips. I am never able to make the half moon manicure by myself. All I usually get is a hot mess. But yours do look amazing. Also, such a clever man you have there! :) I love it when they come out with this type of practical ideas.

    1. I agree, thats a sign that they take notice and interest in our hobbies :-D

  5. Does this garlic polish really work? Or does it just drive vampires away which accidentally bite your fingers? ^^ The polish picture you showed here looks really cool, adult but edgy!

  6. They look amazing!! Wish my job would accept longer nails so I could make some good use from your tips :-) And never heard of garlic nail treatment before O_O°