måndag 8 augusti 2016

Halloween inspiration

This night a heavy breeze of colder air visited us, it was one of the signs that announce the arrival of autumn. I had to close the window to shut the moaning that prohibited my sleep. Another sign has been rows of canada goose flying to the south. 

To be honest. I have really enjoyed this summer, enjoyed my long holiday so much that I will miss these warm days with abundance of vegetables and berries from the garden. Luckily, this crybaby has adopted the Halloween holiday and embraced it with a passion close to madness, wich makes autumn something to look forward to. 

So, to prepare both myself and you, I'll show you how I survive in this desert of Halloween decorations called Sweden: By doing it myself.
This particular box was made for an internet/blog/facebook friend of mine at a Halloween swap last year. She lives in the US and should therefore be spoilt with seasonal decorations. Please check out her fabulous blog for garden, teaching, gothic inspo.

First of all, I bring out all my supplies that could have a match to something autumn/Halloweenish. Creative caos, that is. 

I use the Vintage moth as a supplier of vintage pictures. The candy bags in the photo below is made in photoshop with images from the mentioned blog. I print on ordinary printer paper, folding, glueing and cutting the edge.
This is a tin that usually contains mint pastilles. The scull head covered the text perfectly.

It contains a pair of ear dangles made of clock hands and chandellier crystals.
This blurry photo below is an ornament that could even work in a Christmas tree. The bulb is an old light bulb were I removed everything but the glass bulb. It contains black glass glitter and is embellished with a flower.

I never throw candle stumps away, I re-melt them to new candles. The lantern in the photos below was made of a small jar, it is filled with fragrant and re melted candle stumps. The jar was decorated with ribbons, lace and images. An antique chandelier chrystal is hanging at the bottom secured by wire. The wire handle and the chain is also made by me.


Heres another ornament, flip and front side. It is made of a bake form, chandelier chrystal, old images, black glitter and orange ribbons.

Everything was neatly packed in a box that used to contain hair products but is now decorated with bats and lace.

Everything of these are actually very easy to do. It's just a matter of the right tools, glue, hoarding stuff and imagination. I don't like kitschy, cheap looking halloween decorations, I prefer the vintage/victorian look. Even if my supplies are almost for free, I put a lot of effort to make it look luxurious or as if it's antique.
I hope that I could give you some inspiration and tips what you can do of scraps. See you soon, I hope :-)

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  1. Så många underbara saker! Du är verkligen duktig!
    Jag håller med om att denna sommaren varit fin, och nu är en redo för hösten och Halloween.

    1. Tack :-). Swappen är faktiskt en av höjdpunkterna :-D

  2. Åh jag hittade inte ordet för dina dekorationer men vintage var helt klart det jag tänkte på :D Jättefint!

  3. So cool! I'm already planning my Halloween crafts I just wish I had time to make them.

  4. These look gorgeous! You are very creative!

  5. Väldigt fina saker, mycket finare än köpta :)

  6. Especially love the DIY projects that are not so costy so I really enjoyed this post :-D

  7. Oh how gorgeous! Yes Autumn has been whispering every now again here in Ireland, the summer is lingering but I so look forward to Halloween :)

    Love this post :)

  8. Jättefina saker du knåpat ihop <3

  9. I love your handmade decorations!

  10. My favourite is the mint box with skull! Very elegant looking ... your style is right up my darkly-lit alley. I hope you are finding time to decorate your own house for Hallowe'en this year, linnea. It's almost here! Eeeeep!!! lol

  11. Ååh då skulle du älska usa, vet att de har massor med vintage/ viktorianska i vissa halloween-temade affärer! Ska vi åka dit? Tihi!