onsdag 27 juni 2018

Bat fit - Loosing weight finally

Since I met Johan, I have gained weight slowly but steady. I adopted his lifestyle and it wasn't good for my health at all. Last year I weighed heavy 95 kg for my modest height. That is dangerously unhealty for a woman in my age with heart failure as a heredity.
Recovering from psychological health issues and working full time, plus studying half time prevented me from doing something about it.
What actually made me determined and get the motivation, was a stair with 400 steps I had to climb when visiting a mine last winter.
My heart raced and I felt the taste of blood in my mouth. I had to stop several times to take my breath and couples far more older than me, passed by and asked how I was. I felt lousy.
I bought a gym pass the next day.
I started with weigh lifting and inspired Johan to buy a gym pass as well. 
It's very uncomfortable to show you a selfie I dislike. My training clothes fits like a sausage casing, and I look swollen.
He also joined Weight watchers, wich we had done before, but failed. I resisted.
I got a smart watch, a Samsung 3s from Johan as a birthday gift
Can you read the number at the clock on the bottom middle. 79 beats per minute, that is the lowest heart rate I tracked. It was more often over 80 beats and that is a big sign of lack of health.
As we had a long snowy winter, I went cross country skiing a couple of times per week. We have amazing tracks in the neighbourhood..well forest. 

This is me, finally reached the top of the mountain with a fantastic view. I'm tired and have a full moon face. I snore heavily at night for obvious reasons.
When Johan started to loose weight, I joined Weight Watchers programme. It worked excellent this time. I beleive there are more than one reason it works. 
First of all, our mindset is set for change and determination to end this, we are encouraging to each other.
Second, I put in an IUS, to end my Niagara fall menstruations, migraine, mood swings and the feeling of being ill once in a month. This was a huge positive change for my physical and mental health.
Third, the new Weight Watchers system really works. I loose weight without much effort or being too hungry. I learn to combine foods so they don't add on my weight.

The result is that I lost 12 kg and have changed clothing size. I shop my closet, find old clothes that fits again. Maybe I'll post a new selfie later.
I can really recommend the new Weight Watcher system. Yes, it is expensive, but the money i once put on restaurants I can now save in the long run.

I had to write about my trip to Edinburgh in arrears, because I really wanted to tell you about it. I also wanted to write about something nice.
Right now, we are planning another great adventure, that I will write about later.

8 kommentarer:

  1. I'm gald that you feel better now and are on your way to get healthy! I'm currently on the same way and hope that I will make the same great progress taht you achieved!

  2. Bra jobbat :D Om du gillar att träna hemma tipsar jag gärna om fantastiskt roliga youtubevideos som är så kul att man knappt märker att man tränar!

    1. Naturnörd som jag är så är jag gärna utomhus och tränar. men kanske till vintern :-) om det inte finns snö.

  3. WAHOOOOOOOOO! Hell yeah! I am so happy to hear all of this! GO! GO! GO! SQUEE! I am so damned proud of you, my friend. Keep kicking ass! I'll join you when I get the clear to work out from my doctor. :D LOVE to you both.

    1. Love you too Franny. I'm so happy for you, that you finally came back home and are on the mend. <3

  4. Congratulations, on loosing so much weight.

    Edinburgh such a lovely city and considering how close I live to it. I haven't been for years. It sounded like you had a good time.