tisdag 1 maj 2012

Valborgsmässoafton - Walpurgis night

30th of april always is celebrated with fires and firecrackers. This tradition is in no way a christian celebration of spring. A practical reason to light a huge fire every little neighbourhood is to get rid of all waste from the garden (old christmas trees, twigs etc). The religious reason is to welcome spring and to scare all evil spirits away with the fire and firecrackers.
There were two fires in our little village. In the village nearby, along the lake there were three. 

We went home early because of bedtime for the smaller ones. But we heard the firecrackers and fireworks all night.
A tradition that have dissapeared, is the way to scare the trolls and evil spirits away by dressing up in horryfieing masks. Particularly in Dala-Floda a village in the county were I live, this tradition is still alive.  They call themselves Valborrar those ugly and scary figures.

Old picture of Valborrar. Source.

It's kind of equality magic, when you dress ugly and scary and making noises, to scare the natures entities away. Because when the season is changing those entities are tend to interact with people.

Picture taken today of Valborrar. Source

As I thought about this post. I was thinking of all our celebrations during the year that is not christian traditions. Walpurgis, Midsummer, Yule, and Easter. Typically for this county these traditions are stronger than in other parts of Sweden. If you click the link under the old picture you can read a well written article about those old but still living magic rituals. It is written in swedish but you can use some google translate or something if you don't understand the language.

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  1. Looks like Walpurgis originated from the Pagan festival of May Day (or Bealtaine). Here in the Southern Hemisphere we're about to celebrate Samhain, honouring the ancestors (which the Christians appropriated as All Hallows Eve).

    I love the old picture of the Walpurgis celebration! :)

  2. I am familiar with Walpurgis. Spain is, in general, a catholic country but here in the northest part some old pagan traditions are kept :)

    I like to see that different lands share ancient festivals. It is something magic, don´t you think so?

  3. Alla kristna högtider har hedniskt ursprung..!

    Jag är själv pagan/hedning.

    : )

    KRAM, Jenny

  4. Haha sånna där Valborrar har jag aldrig sett , eller det kanske jag har bara att dom inte visste om att de var sånna själva ;-)
    Ha en fin kortvecka nu !!

  5. Tack snälla!
    Oj vilka bilder, både härliga och lite scary på samma gång!
    Ha det gott nu!


  6. Har aldrig sett Valborrar innan. Så roligt! Påsk, Valborg och midsommar är mina favorithögtider. Ljuset är tillbaka och man kan vara ute.

    Ha en fin dag. kramar Louise

  7. i miss a good walpurgis night. this always was a BIG one when i still lived in the harz area, celebrating on 'witch'-places and fires/firework everywhere! glad to hear you also do this in sweden ^__^°

  8. Visst är lila hår snyggt!

    Jag tyckte att det var bra att färgen funkade även på lite mörkare hår, dvs. att man faktiskt inte måste bleka det först..!

    Du skulle väl kunna färga en tunn hårslinga åtminstone, det kan väl knappast "störa" någon..?

    KRAM & ha en fin ny vecka vännen!