torsdag 13 september 2012

A healthy week without a car and app tips

Oh my little beloved pumpkin is left at the metal workshop for some special treatment and a painting. "Someone" lend my car and backed it into his car, my was smashed. Now our other car is broke and we have been without a car for almost a week now (hope pumkin is well treated over there) we have been travelling on two wheels instead. My bum is aching but I achieve lots of fit points. Yesterday I scored 27 km because I had to take the bike to town to attend a parent meeting at school.

To help me with my goals I use two apps in my android phone. 
The sports tracker I use is Endomondo. I think it's good though I haven't really compared with other sportstrackers. The positive thing with the sports tracker is that I can track myself when I'm in the forest for a run or walk and I can keep a record of how long my walk is. With input from weight, length and gender I also get a calories burnt record. If I would be unlucky to stumble and break a leg, faint or anything like that it's easy for someone else to find me because I can share my profile to my other fellows on endomondo. And send some peptalks to them ;)

For tracking food intake I use the Shape up club app. I found it via a friend on facebook who was very pleased with it. The app and membership is free but you can also pay for a gold membership with a fair price (much cheaper than weight watchers). The best thing with this app is that you have a barcode reader for instant recording of calories. If you do exercise you add allowed calories for the day. I think its easier than weight watchers (that doesn't even have an android app) because calories are always printed on the food packages. 
on facebook
I highly recommend people who track their calorie intake to take a look at skinnytaste. Awesome recipes and tempting pictures and all recipes are pro points and calorie calculated. Some of the recipes are different from what I'm used to as a swede (not the vegetable :P )but that makes it more interesting.

Tomorrow is friday and I'll take a day off from work. I'm very close to being washed out. I have loss in short term memory and other fysical symptoms. I'll just take a day to breathe a little and do useless things. Hopefully I'm back on track on monday again because I can't be away from work right now. 

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  1. I hope you spend your long weekend doing things that make you happy, useless or otherwise! :o)

  2. hope your car is fixed soon ... <3
    mine broke down forever two weeks ago and now I am spending almost every free time in searching an adequate follower - it's so annoying. Lucky I am my in-laws lent me their Smart - I have no bike so I am stranded in my solitude-home without any wheels under my botty :D

    enjoy your long weekend <3

  3. And you still love that "someone" who completely wrecked your car! :-) I love you so much!

  4. And you still love that "someone" who completely wrecked your car! :-) I love you so much!