fredag 14 september 2012

A lovely gift to cheer me up

Sorry for my angry post earlier this day. I was already pissed off when I saw that stupid commercial. I know it was ment to be funny and it wasn't a real commercial, but I think it was ignorant and dead parents are not fun. 
Anyway to balance it off I won in Cemetary Dreams giveaway. It's a gorgeous little sock owl, a scull candle and a black rose locket mirror. Every parcel was sprinkled with little bats inside :) Thank you so much Phoenix! The owl will follow me to work to keep me company. 
Another nice thing that happened today is that they called from the steel workshop and told me the car was finished. The colur is unusual and they were worried that it would differ from the rest of the car. But it was perfect. I got the rest of the few milliliters to use to cover a few stone chips and a scratch on the inside of the door. I tried to scroll through old posts to find a picture of pumpkin but failed. I wanted to show you that it really is a pumpkin on four wheels :)

6 kommentarer:

  1. Åh så fina saker du vunnit!

    : )

    KRAM, Jenny

  2. Ja men nu var du för snabb för mej!!!!!
    Jag har en liten award till dej på min blogg.
    Du ser, jag skrev posten och lade till dom bloggar jag ville ge awarden vidare till anäfter. men så ringde min telefon och jag beslöt att fortsätta senare så jag publiserade posten. Men så hann du se det hela och tom kommentera! Fina du! Jag har lagt till dej samt några andra bloggar.
    Tusen tack för all fina kommentarer du lämnat.
    Awarden behöver du inte göra nåt med, skicka vidare om du känner för det.

    Ha en skön söndag!

  3. Tack vännen!
    Jag tänker visa mitt hem på StyleRoom istället,
    så jag försvinner ju inte helt..!
    Och vi "träffas" ju på FB!

    : )

    STOR kram från Jenny

  4. I'm sorry that It's taken me so long to reply! I'm glad the parcel arrived safely! I'm sure the owl is very happy to be living with you and has been enjoying his important job as work cuddle buddy =]