måndag 7 januari 2013

Bat Fit Kick off 2013

Its time for a new year and another year of Bat Fit. The inspiring curious Professor are hosting this events and  give the members of this group challenges every now and then.
 One great idea she shares is to fill a jar with paper pieces with things to be grateful and happy for, postitive thoughts. I will definitely do this and share my thoughts to you in the end of this year.

Last year wasn't the best. Negative stress at work and unhandled traumas, gave me a severe depression. Actually, I can't work without my medicine and if I get the help, I'm not sure were I would have been then. 

So off with the old and boring stuff and in with new fresh ideas. I'm going on the right track now. VEGETABLES!!!!
Garlic from my garden patch

Yes Vegetables! I will eat lots of them, lots of raw and some cooked. But it has to be the main thing on the menu through the whole day. Dairy, gluten will be cut off and animal meat intake will be reduced.

I have a wonderful growing season to look forward to and before anything can grow outdoors I will grow sprouts of all kinds.

I have also started a new blog!! (Something I never thought I would)
There will be posts about healthy food and growing vegetables. I will share lots of my recipes. This blog will force me to live the way I need, the healthy way.
No weight goal this time. Hopefully weightloss will come by getting more nutricious food and energy.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I hardly ever eat vegetable dishes, but I must admit, those veggies from your garden look so healthy and tasty...!

  2. Väldigt roligt att du startat en blogg om hälsosam mat!
    Jag är både gluten & laktosintolerant,
    så jag måste också tänka på vad jag äter,
    annars kollapsar magen..!

    KRAM, Jenny