fredag 5 april 2013

Easter parade

 I was late with the easter decorations this year. But since I don't overdo it, it doesn't take much time.
I reused the twigs from halloween to put hen feathers, decorated eggs and crosses in it. This kind of decorations is very common in sweden but they use fresh budding twigs and colourful decorations instead.
The tradition with these twigs is an old reminder of Jesus suffering at the cross, when family members whipped each others during the lent. Today this sounds so weird and domestic violence is illegal, the twigs are used as decorations.

My zinc cones are filled with tiny yellow flowers.
 Oskar has made the towel hanger at school.
Even if the snow is still laying on the ground the sun is warm enought to let us sit on the porch to eat lunch or a short coffee brake (fika).

Some more twigs with feathers.
The cage is decorated with a LED-candle, twigs, feathers and misc eggs.
 I'm recovering from a stomach flu that hit the whole family. It came so inconvenient. We were supposed to selebrate Alfons 9th birthday this weekend with his friends and a treasure hunt, but it's not possible in these conditions :(. 
A good medicine for stomach flu is to carefully sip coca cola mixed with water.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Så gulligt lantligt ni har det!

    Ps. Där man ska kommentera efter dina inlägg står det "__ people spoked" Om du menar att ett antal personer talade så ska det vara "__ people spoke" utan 'd' :)

    1. ha ha! Vad bra! Jag och min urusla grammatik! jag kanske skulle skriva spooked men det blir fel det med. lovar ska fixa det ;)

    2. Hihi ja, då hade vi skrämt dig med våra kommentarer! Om du vill kan du passa på och ändra "furnitures" till "furniture" samtidigt(under About Me). Men å andra sidan är det lite sött med svengelskan :)

  2. Så fint påskpyntat!

    Hoppas att ni kryar på er snart!

    KRAM & trevlig helg!

  3. I love how you've decorated your eggs in the first picture - they're so beautiful!

    When we have the stomach flu, we drink ginger-ale - but the lid has to be left off and all the fizziness gone or it doesn't work properly. At least that's what I was told when I was a child. :o)

    I hope the family feels better soon!

  4. Vad mysigt ni har det!

    Blä för magsjuka, vad skönt att ni börjar tillfriskna nu!

  5. Vilken mysig veranda! :)

  6. wow, the pink-y feathers literally jump into your eyes, love it!