torsdag 2 januari 2014

Leaving the old year and looking forward to a new

I didn't make any resolutions for 2013 except trying to think of myself a bit more. I scrolled my own blog backwards to see recall what happened. 

A look back on my eating habits
It started with my recovery from a depression and I really lived quite healthy, eating lots of raw food. In the autumn I cut down on the portions and it made me feel better. But I also eat too much sweets and snacks.

A look back on my exercise
The year began with yoga classes and taking walks, but as the year went by and after a knee injury my exercise became nothing.

A look back on my mental health
Last year hasn't been good considering this. I haven't written about it much but things at work has been awful, really awful. I got a replacement wich is good as I got a new boss, bad because the work is not what I wanted, are skilled for or like to do, enough of that. 
I have to do something about my pms, those pms days are like hell, everything is black and everyone including myself is hating me. 
The good things are that we have been doing nice things like going to the theater, concerts, vacation with the kids etc and most of all my studies. My studies are the reasons that I'm standing tall, that tells me that I'm not useless after all. 
Oh and I had my 40's birthday when I got some nice gifts!

A necklace and earrings from my brother and his spouse

A book that Johan had assembled with letters from family and friends. Thank you dear! This made me weep, sob and snore. I got it a day when I had a rough day at work.

A wall decor from my sister.
I also got a vacation in Tällberg and lots of money for a trip.

So the summary is that the year was better than the one before it, my mental health is better but my physical is not good. I will make my resolutions this year and I'll have to stick to them for my own sake.

My goals for 2014
Visiting the doctor: Checking my heart as all my relatives has heart issues and getting medication for my pms.
Exercise: As my knee is way beyond repair I'll have to take it neat. Swimming and trying the crosstrainer. If we get any snow, I will go cross country skiing.
Eating: I will cut down on my portions and stop eating candy. 
Taking care of my relationship
Planning a visit to Scotland. Hey do you have any tips of things to see and places to go???
Gardening: I will continue with my garden projects and growing vegetables. 
I will coninue studying for a new exam.
The most important is that I have to be more playful, kind and think of how I behave. I have been too serious on this blog too.

Happy New Bat Fit Year 2014!!! 

18 kommentarer:

  1. Söta du, i år blir det bättre! Gott nytt år på dej, kram!

  2. Good luck, my darling friend. And may your New Year be calm, peaceful, content and healthy!

  3. Oh, I would love to visit Scotland myself (specially Edimburgh, as I think might be a wonderful experience) so I wish you very good luck with it, as well as with all your other projects.

    Take care,


  4. I would love to go to Scotland, too! I've been to Ireland, and tried to do a day-trip to Scotland, but no luck. I hope you can go this year!

    A word of advice about your goal to stop eating candy. Don't totally give up something you love unless it makes you sick, or you will probably just become angry with yourself, like I did. Start by cutting back, maybe to just having one piece a day. That way you will still get to enjoy it, but will be eating much less AND losing weight! :-)

    1. Yes. I completely agree with that, stop eating candy. Candy is the reason why I weigh so much now.

  5. Hoppas 2014 blir ett awesome år :D ser framemot att se bilder från Scotlands resan sen xD

  6. Good luck with your goals for 2014! Naturopaths are good for PMS - most naturopaths have lots of natural alternatives up their sleeves!

  7. Jag har tillbringat en del tid i Edinburgh och det är fantastiskt vackert, så det rekommenderar jag. Det enda en ska komma ihåg är att staden är rätt liten, så om en åker dit ska en åka även för omgivningarna/naturen - inte endast för shopping typ.

    1. Mm har tänkt att det kan passa med en trip till högländerna också :)

  8. I like your last resolution best, linnea-maria - being more playful and less serious. Here's to never growing up! :o)

    1. These last years, I have become a bitter self pitying one, not good.

  9. Good luck with your 2014 goals!

  10. Happy New Year darling! Hope you have a wonderful one and may all your expectations become a reality ^^

  11. You seem to have a healthy outlook, despite your challenges. And you are self-aware, which i believe is a key element in building a better life. I wish you a very happy and prosperous 2014! May you accomplish all of the goals you listed, and more, but never be hard on yourself when there are setbacks. You can always carry things over to next year and just keep moving forward one step at a time.