söndag 26 januari 2014

Interior details

A few weeks after my birhtday a parcel arrived from my dear friend Lynne (Insomniacs attic). A heavy brass clip in the shape of an owl. It is lovely and it will be perfect in the hallway with the black and golden victorian elements. On this photo you can also see the scented sachet I won from Ms Misantropias giveaway along with two sheer table cloths, the scent is wonderful and gives a warm feeling to our kitchen.

Another special gift I received was an antique rosary from my friend Jenny (Jema Rose). It is beautiful and I love the thin chains and dusty coloured beads with a lovely patina. I hung it on my praying madonna in true French country style.
My shelf in the livingroom is now complete.
It's the season for tulips in the flower shops. I think they wither very gracefully. Do you know any other flower that looks better while withering than tulips?
Have a wonderful winterday

7 kommentarer:

  1. Å vilka fina presenter du får, gillade verkligen radbandet ( är det korrekt namn på svenska?) Och tulpaner är fina i alla stadiet, till och med lite halvt intorkade :)

  2. Roligt att radbandet fick ett bra hem, passar ypperligt på den vackra Madonnan!
    Jättefin uggla, säger jag som också gillar ugglor.


    Kram, Jenny

  3. Jag är fortfarande helt sjuk på era svarta väggar - precis ALLT blir snyggt mot dem!

  4. What wonderful blessing from friends!

    I always loved how lavender looked while it was wilting-- it turns such a lovely shade.
    Plus it's real nice once it's dried!

  5. I love the rosary and how you fit it into the decor! And that owl is simply adorable <3

  6. I'm with Ms. Misantropia - those black walls are very beautiful!

    I guess I knew it wouldn't have arrived until AFTER your birthday celebrations, but I am glad you like it! Once we've moved into the new place, I must do a post about your beautiful gift of The Dark Sow - I could do it now I suppose, but he (she?) looks rather out of place on Jan & Larry's bookshelf. Poor thing. ;o)

    I like tulips right up until the time they start dropping petals on the floor. Then they have to go.

  7. Your decor is so simple and beautiful! Very elegantly old fashioned! Tulips are lovely. I like vases of flowers, any flowers really, I guess! They brighten up a house! Oooh, I want to hear about this sow!