tisdag 4 februari 2014

Just some random stuff from a bit boring life

Hi all! I have been very abscent here because of a busy life. Not sure if it's interesting for you what I have been occupied with for a while, but here we go. ..
snowy appletree
I have visited the University a few days to attend seminars and seeing my fellow students. We were divided in studygroups. Our group is made of a bunch of well educated ladies, two disputated chemical scientists, one artist and a bachelor of art science and (noob) me. We also had a lovely song coach but she decided to study full time and therefore, joined another group. 
I have to say that it's more inspiring and a bigger challenge to study with high educated people.
Next seminar will be in March so hopefully there will be a few photos of the lovely town Karlstad, were the University is.
 lovely walk in the forest
We tried to take care of a large poodle for a friend, but Johans allergy wen't so bad. We are both so sad that we cant have any furry animals indoors, cat or dog. Johans mum took care of Scooby the rest of the week and we helped her to walk the dog. He's back at the owner right now but he needs a more permanent home, He's such a cute, kind, teddybear, smelly dog and I hope he will get a place were people are kind to him.
Yay, photo of one of my jobs at work. I have been shoveling away snow around the roof windows because some of them were leaking. Thats one of the more handy parts of my duties. At least the view is nice.
Unable to throw something away, I have been collecting feathers from the budgies in a jar. Maybe someday there will be nice little fascinators or earrings created...
 We got a fox on the visit. Our bunnies are outdoors all the time, they have two floor cages with free ability to go out in their pen. This visit force us to close the cages at night and that makes them very sour. Late night and early mornings are a bunnies busy time. One of the good things with snow is that we can actually see who is visiting our garden: one mouse that steals food from the bunnies, rabbits that eats the kale stems in my garden, joined by some deers, the fox obviouosly, a couple of cats, magpies...
The later half of last year wasn't very good healthywise. Studies and lot of sitting both at work and at home made me gain a couple of even extra kilos. I downloaded the Lifesum app to my phone (former Shapeup) and started to track my eating habits, again. This app is great, you eat what you want as long as you keep track of your calories, weight and training. It has a bar code scanner so the tracking is very easy. 
Here's a breakfast smoothie made of some blueberries (picked in the forest) and raspberry puree (nonsugar from my garden), a half organic banana and a bunch of spinach babyleaves, it tasted great but I had to check my teeth afterwards.
Inspired by the Curious Professor Z and Save with Jamie; we have been shopping grocerys in our own fridge and freezer to save money and being more environmental efficient. As a vegetable gardener ther is no lack of vegetables in our dishes, we just shop in the freezer. We are eating more vegetarian dishes as well. It's really fun to cook vegetarian when Johan likes it, his favourite is my vegetarian burgers made of my homegrown beans and peas, check my other blog for recipe.

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  1. What gorgeous photos of the snow! :) We had another big storm here yesterday and there's another one on the way. I'm not sure if I'm 100% unhappy about it because it forces me to stay inside and tackle work that has built up over the past six months.

    I'm so happy to hear that your studies are exciting and going well. :D What a fun bunch of folks in your study group! Must make for some lively conversations.

    And thanks for the shout out! Sending you SO much love.

    1. Thanks dear! I prefer snow storms before the rain and the slush we have right now. i like to freeze ;)
      Yea, great to have a bunch of intelligent people to work with, and the discussions are lively.

  2. Hello there, I tried to contact you via your hotmail account as you have won my Panty giveaway - Congratulations! But as you have not replied since now, I'll try it via commenting on your blog: Please write me an email to lene[at]herr-der-mails[dot]de for further information!

    1. I hope that you hav received my mail, sorry for the inattention.

  3. Vad synd att ni inte kunde behålla den söta hunden...
    : (

    Jag ska kolla ditt recept på veg.burgare, jag äter mest vegetariskt nu
    eftersom jag slutat äta däggdjur!

    KRAM, Jenny

    1. Vegoburgarna är bra, tricket är att steka snabbt, så att de inte faller sönder. Sen kan man krydda och använda vilka ärtor och bönor man vill. Jag äter inte tofu för jag har läst på flera ställen att för mycket soja inte är bra.

  4. That snowy apple tree is so pretty! I hope your study group will be inspiring and supportive. It certainly sounds like an interesting mix of people. I hope you find your new studies rewarding. :)

    What a shame that Johan has allergies. I wish they could find a cure for allergies. I've lived with dogs and cats my entire life and I couldn't imagine not being able to be around them. I hope Scooby finds a loving, permanent home. He looks adorable!

    1. He both looks and is adorable. I have a little secret hope that he will fix a naked dog. :)

  5. I like reading about what's going on in your busy life. :) And the snowy photos are beautiful!

  6. Hm...alright, I wanted to say - or more precisely, repeat - how jealous I am of the weather and the snow you've got over there...then you mentioned you have to shovel, so I thought I'll just shup up about the snow...but nooo, I'm so jealous of it! I wish it would be snowing in Budapest too! :))

    I hope, Johan is okay, a friend of mine is also allergic to fur and she apparenty discovered it while playing around with my cats...I know it's not my fault or theirs, but I felt so guilty...she felt and looked so sick for days...:S

    Also, I'm gladyou enjoy the seminars, it must be intriguing to be back to school. :)

  7. Jag tror det är en mindre kul tid för alla just nu, så grått och trist. Men nu har det blivit lite ljusare och solen visar sig oftare. :)
    Phew, vi ska inte snacka om ohälsa, jag har käkat godis i 3 veckor i sträck nu. Humöret för att fortsätta "banta" är lixom inte där just nu.
    I blame the weather!

    Och vilken pöt vovve! Hoppas han får ett bra och permanent hem snart!

  8. I love the photo of the walk in the forest - so pretty! I am loving all the snow we're getting this year.

    I'm allergic to animals too, so I sympathize with Johan. Although we used to have poodles when I was a child and they didn't seem to bother me as much. I think maybe I built up a tolerance to the breed. Same with Russian Wolfhounds - by the second one, I hardly sniffled at all. Although my husband might disagree with that statement, especially on the nights I was very stuffed up and snoring loud enough to bring the roof down. He says no more dogs for us. ;o)