torsdag 27 mars 2014

Falu Skyline

I rarely visit our city, maybe because it's always a boring errand to run. But on some occasions I visit a café with one of the kids, to sit down and chat while eating some pastry and drinking a latte. Alfons is such a pleasant company and he is a big gourmet, he had to go to the counter and buy another black berry macaron.

Outside the cafe I was strucked by the beautiful eveninglight and the towers in the skyline. We actually have lots of towers pointing at the sky in this town. You can see 4 towers on this photo. 
From left to right:
1. Västra Skolan (The Western School), this is were my oldest son studies, it was built 1915 and is 4 levels high, it's kind of a landmark in this town (except the churches). It is built like a castle with thick stone walls and high windows.
2. Gamla gamla brandstationen. The oldest old Firestation. Thats the red brick hous behind Alfons. The water hoses had to dry in a straight hanging line, therefore the tower, it was built 1884. 
3. Medborgarhuset. Community house. It's not that small, almost hidden behind the red brick firestation. This is were our local County radiostation resides. It was built as school for technical engineers in the 18 hundreds.
4. The old firestation was built in 1911 and is now a big atelier for photographers.
These buildings are not so old, comparing to others but they give the town a dignified look. I promise that when the weather is warmer, I will take a walk with my camera and take photos of my hometown. It's very beautiful and has lots of history.

The black building to the right, is quite a sad story. It's the police station built in 1968, black and dull looking.  The black facade is made of slag stone from the copper mine. It has the shape of a half circle because it was built around the towns bathing house. It was a castle like building with 5 large towers. You had several choises of taking baths, showers and swim and of course there was a sauna. It was torn down 1972 because it stood in the way and was not a modern facility. There were many manifestations against the demolition.

6 kommentarer:

  1. What beautiful buildings behind your handsome Alfons. Such a picturesque town! And now I'm craving a blackberry macaron! ;)

    1. This is the view of the small market square. The grand square is, well grander.

  2. Alltid tråkigt när det rivs fina gamla byggnader, sorgligt faktiskt...

    1. Jo, gamle kungen på Eriksgata var så imponerad av byggnaden och så skruvade kommunpamparna på sig och berättade att den skulle rivas.

  3. Well, it might only be the smaller marketplace and square, but it looks quite charming. I understand you don't wander around in your own hometown, but if I look at the picture, my first impression is 'how nice it must be to talk a walk around that square on market day'...:)

  4. Oj brandstationen är verkligen en cool byggnad!

    Och jag hatar när tjusiga gamla byggnader rivs, så ledsamt :/