lördag 19 april 2014

A Gothic Easter

Oh I guess some of you have seen these easter decorations before but this cabinet in the photo below is new in our kitchen. Its a lavoar/potty cabinet. There is a lid on top were you can put a washing bowl and a cabinet for your water or potty. I will paint it on the inside before I put something in it I can assure you. I got it from free from a friend that bought an old farm. The cabinet was so filthy (found in one of the separate buildings) with some brown red splatter over it, EWW!! Common scrubbing didn't work but Svinto (soaped steelwool).
As my beloved is allergic to anything that sprouts has fur or feathers these twigs will do fine as easter sticks. The twigs were once used for spanking each other as a reminder of Jesus sufferings, weird tradition...But during the 17 hundreds the twigs were decorated, better tradition. These eggs are painted by me and Oskar long ago.

A little close up of the shabby shit cabinet and easter eggs.

So were do the Gothic comes in... Well here! Our black livingroom will have the gloomier decorations. Mossy twigs, gothic crosses and victorian styled eggs. 

These decorations are made by me years ago. I store the eggs securely in boxes during rest of the year. 

The decorations has an old Catolic style because I like that aestetic.

A mix of real and paper eggs under a glass dome with a two different crosses. Barely visible a crucifix at the tray and a vikin cross on the table.

I made this decoration long ago with scraps. The backround are a scrap piece from the wall paper in my former house. The little text means pastime.

Happy Gothic Easter!!

8 kommentarer:

  1. The gothic eggs and crosses are so beautiful! Happy Easter!

  2. Very beautiful decorations!

  3. Känner mig så tjatig, men verkligen - ALLTING är snyggt mot er svarta vägg!

  4. Lovely egg-trees, both of them! ^^
    We usually decorate catkin twigs at my mom's place. I was thinking about setting up ourown egg - tree in the sublet, but for that, I would have had to get a bunch of eggs and decorate them, which I just kept postponing and postponing until it was too late...maybe next year. ^^

  5. Those are nice decorations! I saw a picture recently of a real tree hung with painted wooden eggs and I would love to do that one day!

  6. Omg i love them all! So very creative and indeed a gothic Easter in your house! They are really beautiful. <3

  7. Loving your decor! It´s the first time I see something like this, in Spain Easter is all about religion, so there´s no fun and no decoration at all! I think this Spring spirit is much more positive. May I ask how did you manage to make all the lovely crosses?