torsdag 26 juni 2014

Just some snaps from a busy vacation

First two weeks of my vacation has been icy cold. Yes, icy, we almost had frost and a friend who lives a 20 km from me had her crops ruined by the cold. They had -4 degrees the night before midsummers eve. 
Our family gathering went well and lots of uncles and cousins were there. The old ones danced around the may pole and the kids watched and giggled at the foolish traditions.
It hasn't been much of a vacation because we are rewiring all the electrical cables in our house. This is how it looked when the old 40's central were removed. A beehive of cables in different colours and materials. Some cables in the walls were broken, one nightmare less is removed, thinking of the fire hazard this has been.

With no electricity in the house, the house is overall a mess and a bad weather, we have been trying to take pauses to do other things. Like a "fika" (coffe) in town and a library visit.

We also visited a flea market. As they are about to closing it down the prices were halfed. Moa want's her room renovated and found this table and the two white chairs for a nice price. The almost similar dark ones are for me. 

With no electricity we have to reinvent the caveman style cooking....well a modern version. You can make the pommes on the grill.

Restless legs takes late night walks. Moa, Alfons and I took a very late walk (it was around 12 at midnight). Yes it is this light at summer nights in Sweden. 

 Even the most humble meadow flowers has something interesting when you look closely.
 Now I jump in the car to visit my dearest friend since my first day in school. Tomorrow is friday and we will go to a water fun park and on Saturday Steam-con. I haven't got a costume sadly, were to busy to sit down and sew.

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  1. Frost? Ouch...for a moment I felt jealous because of your weather, but I hope your garden is alright. ^^

    I love those chairs, both designs, but the dark ones with the green seats are more appealing to my taste. We had a major blackout a couple of weeks ago, we killed time by going to the cinema, visiting the zoo, having a picnic in the park...and a psychomancy It was kind of fun, but so strange to be left without power for almost three days...:)

    1. Oooh how did the psychomancy go? Was it scary? Did you get any communications?

  2. I love the plant covered maypole! I have always wanted to dance around a may pole! One day!

    It is good you are getting the wiring fixed, you don't want the house to burn down! Even if it is inconvenient, it is worth it!

    I love the flowers!

    I have made chips on the grill before, but just on an indoors grill, it is more work than the oven, of course. Have you tried cooking in a fire pit in the backyard, that might be fun! My boyfriend's family went to New Zealand when he was a kid and had a meal cooked underground on a fire and said it was delicious!

    Those chairs are so nice, I didn't even notice them until Lynoire's comment, I don't know how I missed them!

  3. De där stolarna <3
    Och jäklar, jag hade också varit rädd om de sladdarna varit lösa i mitt hus, även om det är bakom ett "skåp". Måste varit en stor lättnad att få det fixat!