tisdag 1 juli 2014

Picture heavy Steampunk post

Steampunk has arrived to Sweden at last. A large Steampunk festival was arranged at the Swedish Railroad museum in Gävle last weekend. I have been waiting for this weekend to come for a while and even if the programme on the website was a bit vague + a shitty weather + getting up early, I was eager to go. I must say that they should have displayed the information better on the page because there were lots to se and do in reality.

The Swedish Railway museum is a great visit in it self. It has a huge collection of full size steam locomotives to see and ride if you are interested. The train below was trafficing the track between the museum and the city the whole day, a commuter in style.

I also finally had the chance to meet Dr Cagliostro in person and see his interesting exhibition. He seems to be a bit short so the top hat and the stilts gives him a more imposant feature.
He walked the stilts the whole day. Click the link on the name above to read more of the exhibition
Beside the exhibition were another tent with a magician and a fakir. Here the magician doing the classical three cup trick. But suddenly he had 4 big tomatoes under them. Every single one in the audience looked like question marks. That was impressing.
After some faquirism with pulling condoms through the nose and mouth (wich caused a little girl to cry loudly), tounge in rat trap, and staples at chest, there were some balancing and juggling.
The festival had arranged book stalls, exhibitions and miscellaneous activities in the enginge stalls. Here an old fashioned barber for the brave ones (my man was not of them).

King Oscar the 2nd's audition wagon admired by the younglings in the family.

In one of the halls an exhibition of steampunkery were installed. Lots of geeky gadgets and cool stuff were displayed. 

A nautical installation with sealife in the round window. The baby carriage is a bit misplaced though.

This steampowered flying machine is actually a real one. It was built in the end of the 1800 and was one of the inventor Carl Richard Nyberg's attempt to fly. It could only take shorter jumps in the air though.
This steampunk exhibition is actually a more permanent part of the museums exhibitions so there will be time to see it. 

Järnsaxa is the name of this locomotive (means iron scissors) it is modified by the Swedish Steampunk society. As it is part of the museums belongings they have only painted it and put on some decorative plates.

Front of locomotive
View of the crowd. There were lots of people dressed up in costumes, amazing ones. I was actually surprised how many they were.
This is a steam powered crane used at the railroad back in the days.
 A mini steampowered train was a must ride for the small kids. Alfons forced me to go with him.
We came home with a few books. Alfons got a short comic book, a book about movie monsters and I bought a novel and the Steampunk Bible.
 I hope they will have this festival at the same place again next year. It was more than I hoped for and those of you who live close, if there will be another one, you must go. There were lot's of more than I mentioned here so it was a large festival. 

This is the first day of my vacation with sunshine. It has been unimaginable cold. I guess the warmth will return at the same time I go back to work, wich is on monday :'(. 

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  1. That looks so cool! I'd love to see a barber in action (my boyfriend has one here though, so I could join in probably), and the steam powered machines look awesome! I wonder if there are events like that around me and I just failed to notice their adds?

  2. That looks absolutely wonderful :3 I wish they had festivals like that around here ^^

    1. Well it's the first time around here and we had to travel 100km for it :)

  3. Vilket fantastiskt event! Kul att så många i Sverige faktiskt är intresserade av Steampunk! När jag besökte Järnvägsmuseet i Kristianstad senast, så tog jag faktiskt en info-lapp/inbjudan om just detta eventet..! : )

  4. Men vad häftigt.:-) Kram

  5. This looks like so much fun! You can never have too many pictures from such an interesting event. Sorry about your upcoming return to work, though! :(

  6. Yay! So glad Steampunk finally came your way! It is such fun! I complain that we don't have half as much as America but at least we have some!

    I don't blame that little girl for crying, I saw a magician pulling chains out of his eyes and stuff recently and I turned away and didn't watch.

    Oh no, did the baby get eaten by the Kraken?

    Those flowers are lovely!

    1. Yikes! Chains out of eyes? I would have cried like a little girl then :S
      Ha ha you have a wonderful imagination. Maybe the baby was eaten by a sea beast or the parents found a (not so) perfect parking lot for the carriage.

  7. For a first-time event, that looks really wonderful!

    It's been very cold and rainy here too, right up until yesterday when it was 30C. Now I'm whining that "it's too hot!"

  8. What a great event. Looks like do much fun!

  9. Coolt! Förstår att du gillade det