fredag 6 mars 2015

Sports holiday hangover

I'm not sure if Sweden is unique in the way that we have a school holiday called "sports vacation" one week every February, maybe you could tell me? Well, this year school was closed for two weeks in this town due to the World Championships in skiing. I also had 1,5 week of duty as a teacher but worked two days as a volunteer at the event. 
My favourite knitted wool hat to keep my brain warm from the snow slush. 

Not usually a sports nerd but as the Swedish team took lots of medals and the event taking place in my town it was irresistable to avoid. One of my students was also competing in ski jumping.
The photos below shows the ski jumping arena with lots of drunk and crazy Norwegians waving their flags (took even more medals). Two Gripen planes passing by and a backstage photo taken from my booth selling food. 

The community tried to take advantage of all the visitors and do something cultural down town. Grafitti walls, food market, and ice statues (melting away) et cetera. 
You can see at the photo in the middle wich one who is an indoor person and who is the outdoor one. 

I promised earlier to take more photos of the buildings in my town. I love the details of this house.

Alfons was for once ready to try downhill skiing and we went to the local slope. First visit for me. Ok, we have mountains. BUT they are not Alpine mountains as a visiting polititian from the Capital claimed. Wonder if she slept on her Geography class at primary school. 
View from the top. 

It went great. As he listened carefully at my instructions, he managed the skiis only after one round.
I'm a sucker for nice views. Here's view of our beautiful lake Runn that is very popular for skating. 

 The sports vacation was too short for recovering from a hectic semester. Like most teachers I was cursed by the flu a couple of days (no time to be sick, except on holidays). My ambition was to do more than I had time to. I did take some time to paint though, wich I usually never have time for, sadly because it's very calming.  Johan says I painted his coworker. 

 Well well see each other next vacation...Easter maybe?

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  1. Sports holiday O_O when I first read that I thought we had something similar but not when I read your description. So no, Germany doesn't have that! We only have (each school) a few days a year when schools have competitions within their own school or against other schools...

  2. Oh coool! Here in Canada most schools are closed the first week of march, We just call it March break. Lots of people go skiing and do fun activities too

  3. Fina bilder!
    Ja, visst var det pinsamt av henne att hon trodde att hon befann sig i fjällen..!
    Gillar verkligen din målning : )

    1. Så kan det gå om man är arrogant :-)
      Tackar :-)

  4. I'd love to have sports holidays! But then again, I'm not into skiing, so it might be a waste of time on me... ;)

    You definetively don't look stressed out, so maybe the holidays were enoguh to get you alive again!

    1. It also could depend on were you live if you are interested in skiing or not :-)
      Well all I wanted was an empty day to do nothing on.

  5. Hey, is that a graffiti dala horse? What a wonderful painting - does Johan work with elves? LOL

    You look beautiful in that first picture. :)

    1. Thankyou!
      The dala horse were repainted every day.
      I drew it before I met Johans coworker but when painted the sketch I saw the similarities :-)

  6. Oh how I wish you did have time to paint more, your art is just magical! These pictures are gorgeous from the sports holiday, especially whatever that delicious dessert is. Looks lovely!

    1. Thank you
      The dessert is churros, it's kind of a spanish dougnut.

  7. The picture was great! I don't like sports events because of too many tourists, although for a teacher, any break is good, ha ha! I have a lot of teacher family!

  8. I've never heard about this kind of vacation before, we don't have it here. You guys look like you had a blast! <3

  9. Nu har jag lite tid att läsa poster - finally! Den där byggnaden gillade jag också. :) Skulle vilja ut & bara köra omkring för att leta upp gamla byggnader/ruiner för att glo & fota. ^^
    Usch, sport... men det är ju kul att alla andra har skoj iallafall, haha.

    Så fint du målar! :) Jag har funderat ett par dagar nu på att börja rita igen. Så skönt det varit om man hade kunnat tjäna pengar på något sådant. Well, well, dream on. ^^