torsdag 30 augusti 2012

Letters in the mail

 My real mailbox has been busy theese weeks and I will tell you the reasons. 
First our swedish ebay site had an auction with short time left on their homepage that I couldn't resist: I bought this octopus necklace for less than a dollar. I will use it for a project, maybe a necklace or a fascinator...oh please give me suggestions!!!

I was the first to leave a comment on the Insomniac's Attic and for that she rewarded me with a gift and sended it all the way from Canada. A sheer long, full width petticoat!!! How generous isn't that? The quality is amazing and it flows around the legs. I fell in love with it instantly. 

Look at the lovely details! It's a bit crinkly after the package but i think that is perfect. I will use it as a skirt and as a petticoat. These petticoats comes in several colours and can be found at the Insomniacs beautiful webstore. She sells lots of beautiful vintage interior things with a darker twist.

On top of that she added this lovely scull decoration. I hung it at my hall mirror right away. Memento Mori says the text on the head. The back is covered with silver glitter. 

There are lot's of Shabby chic people that write the text Carpe Diem on their walls....I'm thinking of writing Memento Mori instead. It's like Carpe Diem but more underlined, serious. That you shouldn't take life for granted and use your life to something useful. The life as a living is just a second compared to the time of death. Don't waste it!

There has also been lovely letters and postcards left in my mailbox. Oh It's like Christmas day every day! I have sent a few letters myself and have lots of letters to answer this weekend. I've joined a wonderful little group of letter writers. I have missed the excitement of having a letter in the mail and sending letters to dear friends. The letters I've been writing so far has tend to be long and rich of words. This is how I am; Give me a pencil and a paper and I will poop words (there is a swedish word for that...don't know the english one). It's a little harder to write the blog actually, words doesn't flow exactly. And if I speak, god I begin every sentence three times and speak very slow and prefer to not speak at all, if I'm not very eager to tell my opinion though. I long for the weekend now, a crackling fire in the stove, writing a bunch of letters in the light of a paraffin lamp an owl howling outside in the woods......

Maybe it's the movie we saw that put me in this cosy mood. I've just seen The woman in black, on dvd. It totally freaked me out and it was a wonderful movie. The perfect classical ghost story. I recommend it to all of you who haven't seen it.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Vilken trevlig brevlåda du verkar ha ;) Snygga grejor!

  2. Jag har ett likadant bläckfiskhalsband!

    Jättefin underkjol, GRATTIS!!!

    Ja, Carpe Diem känns inte alls så intressant som Memento Mori..!

    Jag har precis beställt The Woman in Black, hoppas att den kommer snart...

    KRAM, Jenny

  3. So glad you like your petticoat and Mr. Memento Mori! I really like your hall mirror!! ;o)

    I loved The Woman in Black, because it reminded me of an old-fashioned ghost story. I bought a copy so I could play it over and over, mostly to get decorating ideas from Eel Marsh House!!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend by the fire; don't get writer's cramp from all those letters! Mine, as you may have noticed, tend to be quite short. I'm more of a typist than a writer... :D

    1. Oh indeed it was the classical story and so well done. :) I asked Johan if he would like to have purple walls, but no he didnt.

      Thank you so much once again! :D

  4. What great prizes, jealous! I like the memento mori idea, I always thought that realising the shortness of life meant we should just make the most of it!

    I liked the Woman in Black too, I want the decor! Now I want purple walls, although I have always wanted antique furniture and a fourposter bed!

  5. Jag önskar man kunde få rolig post varje dag här med xD

    Jag har också köpt ett sånt halsband för några dagar sen, det var så billigt så jag kunde inte stå emot. Och kjolen du fick är verkligen fin!

  6. Kul med bläckfisken! Du hittar säker på något bra... Och kjolen var jättefin den också.

  7. Getting mail is the best ever. I was wondering how the letter writing group was going. :)
    I think writing Memento Mori on your wall is an excellent idea.

  8. Jag kontaktade säljaren i Indien igår, men har inte hunnit få svar ännu, får jag inget svar så rapporterar jag det till eBay.
    De stenarna jag fått kostar mindre än de jag skulle haft, så jag ska åtminstone kräva att få mellanskillnaden tillbaka..!

    KRAM, Jenny
    Ha en fin ny vecka vännen!

  9. It is so much fun getting loads of mail, isn't it?

    Memento Mori- a perfect phrase. Also love the skirt you got from the Insomniac!