torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Something edible and a Bat fit reeboot

Just around the corner, there is nature filled with lots of nice things to eat. Healthy nutricious food. Thanks to 
the rainy summer there is lots of fungus to pick. The amount of chantarelles is huge this year, the places were they grow are kept as big secrets for everyone else. If you get a tip of a chantarelle place you have received a generous gift.
Something that not many knows is that puffballs are edible and in the right and in the right condition they are a delicacy. I found a place with an enormous amount of puffballs, unfortunately they weren't in the right condition. They must be completely white on the inside and steady (like a mushroom). These were white but spongy. Served best as peeled, sliced and fried in a pan with a little olive oil.
In swedish we have a word for beautiful places, called wild strawberry spot (but in swedish). It's also a place were wild strawberries grow. I have a place were the ground in the wood is filled with berries. We picked a large cup of wild strawberries yesterday. If you mash them with icing sugar you get the most tasty icing for a cake you can eat. I put them in the freezer for baking later.
Bat fit reeboot
So it's time to make a reebot of the bat fit. Have I reach any goals? Frankly dear readers; no I haven't. I've been kind of stuck at the same weight during the whole summer. Back to work I can feel it's easier to eat less. 
Another goal is to exercise. Unfortunately I can't run at the moment. I have pain in the lower back and hips and when I tried to run every other day at the beginning of the vacation I wasn't almost able to walk the other day. So I have to do softer things like walking and cycling (that hurts too). I will visit the local bath to try swimming..... Yes I have booked a visit at the nurse .
A short walk of 40 minutes in nice surroundings can make me a little happier and healthier.
The third goal is one that I have achieved better results with; my mood. I will not talk about how bad it has been here, that's my own buisness. I feeling better and better for every day. I'm more confident at my work (even if I still feel as a big fake sometimes) and I can make a joke of stupid things. I'm still very scared making other people dissapointed though.

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  1. Chantarelles? What a lucky lady you are! Here in Spain the summer will last one more month, which means no funguas at all until October or so. Very sad I am. But ey, we are still having all king of berries in exchange :)

    1. The swedish summer is very short and the progresses in the nature are comact, so berries and fungus are ready at the same time. It's the same in spring, when bulbs and early summerflowers are blooming at the same time.

  2. Älskar både kantareller & smultron!

    : )

    KRAM, Jenny

  3. I love both the mushrooms and wild strawberries (smultron in swedish, if I remember correctly?!)! Smultron also grow in my fathers yard, so whenever I'm visiting I eat as many as I find...

    1. And the smell of smultron is wonderful!

  4. Svamp...mums! Smultron...mums! :) Kram på dig och ha en bra helg! ( och du...den där känslan av att vara en fejk...den har nog alla ibland, i något sammanhang.)