söndag 19 augusti 2012

Weekend off

So I'm back from the festival this weekend. It was a very calm event, lots of drunk and happy people and and families. I even could think of bring my own kids to the event. Like my expectations, Eluveite and Epica delivered the best gigs at the festival in my biased view. 

Actually I'm going to wright about the weekend before when we went back to the cottage and visited an airshow.
The airshow is amazing. We stood a whole day with the faces turned upwards. Lots of jet planes and The swedish airforce contributed with almost all their jet planes, made in Sweden!
On the picture below is "Catwalk".

Lots of hearts in the air that day.

Before we had to go home on sunday, we took the boat over to the island to pick blueberries. This is the lovely beach I've been talking about.

View from the beach

This is how the island looked all over. Blueberries everywhere. We picked 10L in half an hour.

The hill in the back is a grave for the ancient vikings. 

 As we were completely alone and sweaty we took a bath in the lake before rowing back.

Tomorrow is monday and  back to work again. I had a nice slow start of two weeks after the vacation so it's time to getting serious (boring). 

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  1. Such beautiful pictures, especially that last one - you might need to get that framed to hang on your wall!

    I like Epica and so will check out Eluveite, whom I've never heard of before. But since you also like Nightwish, I'm thinking I'm going to like them too! Sorry you have to go back to work and being serious now ... blah.

    1. I spelled it wrong, Eluveitie should it be.

  2. Oooo, that cottage and area looks *perfect* - NICE!

  3. Så vackra bilder!

    Ha en fin vecka vännen!

    KRAM, Jenny

  4. Jättefina bilder :D det är alltid en så rofylld och mysig stämning på din blogg.

    Svar: Du kan få länken till min bakblogg där det står lite mer om tårtan ^^

    1. Åh tack för länken, det ska bli intressant att läsa om. Tycker om att baka själv, men det är alldeles för sällan.

  5. Såg jättefint ut! Flygplanet tyckte jag var häftigt... tänk att åka i ett sådant