tisdag 13 november 2012

Fathers day

Poor old man. He need his rest in the couch...
This sunday we celebrated fathers day. I'm very glad that I have Johan in my life because he's a very good father and give my boys another male rolemodel for their life. He loves computor games as much as our kids and he finds out fun treasure (candy) hunts for the kids, that always contains something with electronics. A good geek dad needs a geek tie right?

I made this tie out of scraps of the Ghastlies fabrics I have. It turned out really good. It is lightly padded as a tie should be and is sewn by hand. 
As swedes are very casual at work, some dress up at fridays. At Johans work they have "fancy friday" when they dress up in jacket and tie and eat lunch in a restaurant. Someone's looking forward to this fancy friday :D

Alfons and I made and decorated monster cakes and chokolate cupcakes.

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  1. In Germany, Father's day is the first of May. I love the tie you made, but unfortunately I don' know any fathers cool enough to wear it (my own included).. And the cookies look delicious, unfortunately they are probably not vegan. Otherwise I would steal one from the internet! ^^

  2. Beautiful job on the tie! I bet Johan is excited to wear it on Friday - a handsewn tie is quite the gift!

    Mr. Bones is fitting into the family quite well, isn't he? :o)

  3. In the USA, Father's Day is the second Sunday in June. That is a WONDERFUL tie!! Johan is very lucky. :-)

    Also in the US some places have "Casual Fridays", where people can wear jeans and t-shirts to work. This is usually in offices, of course, where people wear fancier clothes every day. I wish we had "dress-up" days as well, then we could wear evening clothes to work, hehehehe!!

  4. What a lovely tie! And lovely cakes!

    That naughty skeleton is hogging the couch!

    Father's day here is also earlier in the year, we already had it!

    Yes, in Australia, we have casual fridays in some workplaces, because (depending on how you work) you are supposed to dress up. I hate workwear, though, and hope I can work somewhere I can wear Victorian inspired pieces!

  5. Hej kära Linnéa!
    Vilken härlig fars dag....:-)
    Fina smaskiga kakor också.
    Vad det gäller Bottle Brush Trees så har jag fått dem ifrån Tyskland av en blogvän som jag gjorde en bakgrund till.
    Då visste jag inte vad det var men så plockade jag upp lådan i förrgår och fann att de var väldigt dekorativa.
    Eva Agnes

  6. What an awesome tie! You did a beautiful job!

  7. Du kan vara stolt över en sån fin och pappa till barnen.
    Härligt det måste vara att ha en pappa som älskar dataspel lika mycket som själva barnen. Det hade i alla fall min son tyckt:)
    Fina saker du gjorde till honom.
    Kram Gerda

  8. Önskar dig en härlig fredag

  9. Your blog always makes me hungry! ;) Funny that Sweden is the opposite of the US when it comes to corporate attire - here, most places have Casual Friday!