söndag 4 november 2012

Halloween treats

I tried to keep the treats simple this year, but after checking Martha Stewarts website I got lots of inspiration. For example for the welcoming drink and snacks.
The glass has black sugar frosted edge. Lime soda is served with eyeballs made of  rambutan fruits stuffed with blueberries. Not many dared to eat the fruits.
Caramel popcorn. For the first time I made them myself and damn they are dangerous, so tasty, I ate too much of it! I coloured the caramel with red food colour. 
I used the same candy bags I made last year, the text says "trick and treat".

I made simple cookie dough and used our new cookie cutters to make Halloween themed shapes and simple frosting with food colour to decorate the cookies.

I've been dying to try theese broken glass cupcake and after three trials I succeded to make some sugar glass I could use for the decoration. The blood is simple raspberry ice cream sauce.

 These ghosts are an idea I took from cakepops, but under the cover of sugarpaste I used chocolate balls, a very common treat for kids (and adults). 

Mr Bones is sitting on the porch to welcome our guests. I lend him my antique top hat and my welding glasses. A bow tie and a flower gives him the perfect Gentleman look. 

Here he is, sitting and laughing in the dark.

View of the porch in the dark.

I bought a pumpkin for the entrance and carved a smiling face. 
A few days later I made some delicious pumpkin soup of the meat.

Last week we had a little snowstorm , sadly it has all melted away now.

My childhood dream came true this Halloween! I always wanted a doorbell that played Bach ; Toccata and Fugue in D-minor and Johan made it come true. I'm so happy to live with an electronics nerd. Alfons wanted a face to appear the same time the doorbell rang and he achieved that as well. The garage was turned to a spooky house with different props installed; a slamming door, a monster coming up from a coffin, lightning and spooky sounds.

I'm glad that I worked half time, otherwise it wouldn't be a Halloween at all this year. The scedule for the day has been working, sleeping, eating, some decoration and sleeping again. I have noticed that I'm very confused and lacking short time memory. I have difficulties to read instructions and protocols and I had to take help from Johan to fill in the form for the health insurance money. But I started to do some technical drawings at work and that worked fine. My mood is better but not ok. I feel so stupid.

15 kommentarer:

  1. It all looks so wonderful! Indeed, the Martha Stewart website is a dangerous place to loiter for too long - there are always so many things that need to be tried out!

    Please don't feel stupid ... :o(

  2. Vad fint allting är! :D Älskar hur du har gjort med glasen.

  3. Wow! Such fabulous treats! The ghosts are adorable. Mr. Bones looks very elegant in his top hat. Everything is so lovely. Well done!

    I struggle with poor concentration and memory when I'm fighting a bout of depression. It is very frustrating. But as my mood improves, my mind clears and begins to work properly again. Stay strong, it will get better. :)

    1. That was good news. I'm a little afraid that I will stay confused forever :P

  4. These treats look delicious.
    Your decoration looks beautiful, too.

  5. Hade gärna provätit ett spöke :) Och nattbilden på verandan är helt underbar! *kramar*

    1. Chokladbollar och sockerpasta (som finns på icamaxi). :)

  6. Your drinks look creepy and I love the little ghosts! Did you buy the fondant or did you make it yourself? If so, do you mind sharing the recipe?

    1. Thankfully I bought it at the supermarket :)

  7. I especially love the broken glass cupcakes! The ghost cakes and gingerbread are also lovely! I need gingerbread cutters like that!
    I was wanting to make cupcakes with some fake blood in them for a party one day, maybe I will try the broken glass ones. Not sure how I would go at making sugar glass.

    I would love a doorbell that played Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor! Great song!

    If it makes you feel any better, I can't fill in a form to save my life, on any day of the week. The longsuffering man must do those!

  8. You certainly gave Martha Stewart a run for her money here! I love the ghost treats and sugar cookies especially! I also understand why few ate the eyeball fruits. I myself abhor eating things that look like body parts. I gag even when it's rather tasty just thinking about it possibly being a body part.

    I'm sorry you feel stupid. Actually what you did by taking time off at this rough time is very brave- you admitted your limits and did the responsible thing before it got out of control. So I give you a pat on the back, even if you won't give yourself one.

  9. Vart hittade du de där gulliga kakformarna? :) Har en fladdermus men skulle vilja ha spöken och kistor också? Bra att ha när man skall baka pepparkakor till jul! :D

  10. aaaaah the ghosts are so cute and the skeleton is sooo awesome! Love your decorations <3

  11. Huh! Vad otäckt det var att kika in här...Ögonfrukten var lite scary, vet inte om jag hade vågat äta den jag heller...

  12. Oh gosh these look so yummy! I love caramel popcorn <3 Need to pay a visit to the nearest supermarket... :D