måndag 19 november 2012

Pictures of my studio

In the basement, in a room that once was a garage under the house is my studio. It is a room for all kinds of work. The picture below shows my desk. The little component cabinet, contains jewellery components. The drawer to the left contains all kind of stuff.
 Here's an example of how it looks in the drawers. Laces, flowers, glitter, papper...almost anything neatly organized.

A metal cabinet from the garage containing tools. The dressform I made from plaster strips is still looking the same, I haven't done anything with it yet and thinking of keeping it like that. 
I love the chipped paint on the old radiator. My grandmothers old sewing machine is standing under it. I think it still works but haven't tried it yet. I got it from my mum last winter and that night we put it in the basement the burglar alarm went off. The motion detector in this room had detected a quick temperature shift. It was the first and the last time it went off like that. Very strange and spooky. There's a lot of scraps in this corner it's photo studio equipment and sewing machines. The white paper hanging from the ceiling to the right is a backdrop paper. I would like to tidy this corner a bit more to be able to use the chipped radiator for backdrop when photographing.

This is my sewing table with sewing supplies for the sewing machines in the grocery ledge on the wall. As you can see the things in my studio is very mixed in style but lot's of 50's stuff. All the furnitures down in my basement have come to me for free. I always keep my eyes open for cabinets with small drawers to store my stuff in.

Here's a close up of my hairpin collection from the 40's and 50's. I love the packaging and pictures. The red cardboard holds bags of pastel coloured hairnets, to bad there's no black one.

So this is were I like to go when I want to be alone. The room is not often this tidy, tables and chairs are usually covered with some fabrics or paper clips. 

In the second room from this I store all my fabrics and have an ironing bench and my grandmothers old electrical mangle.

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  1. Oooo, I love this! So organized & spacious. My sewing/craft room is kind of a wreck right now - seeing yours inspires me :)

  2. You're so organized! Don't you just love it when you can create an entire beautiful room with just donations and cast-offs from other people? There's something very fulfilling in that.

    That radiator is a fantastic backdrop, what a great colour!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your I Want To Be Alone Room. :D

  3. Vilken förändring mot när jag satt där med P :)

  4. Oooo, what a gorgeous space - I love it!! Thanks for posting ;)

  5. what a lovely room... i'm soooo jealous :D

  6. Wow- that is an extremely organized and well-thought out space. I wish my space was more... spacious, so I could actually have multiple drawers for things and a place for everything.

  7. Härligt din egen arbetsplats där kreativiteten kan flöda.
    Så fin den skänken är med många lådor, en sån skulle kunna passa mig också:)
    Kram Gerda

  8. Helt super!!!
    Arkivskåpet är bara såååååå....
    Ha en riktigt skön onsdag.

  9. Vilket härligt arkivskåp, perfekt för alla små pysselgrejor!
    Och gällande skyddsglasögon... ojoj så vi slarvar med sådant men visst skulle det vara bra att skärpa till sig så länge man har båda ögonen i behåll! :-)