onsdag 5 december 2012

Gothidays 2012, Day Five and a Bat Fit Challenge

When I read the Professors new blogpost in the Gothidays theme I was actually going to show some of my other spooky holiday decorations. But since this also is a challenge in Bat fit I simply couldn't resist writing about my health status and view on the christmas food.

The picture below illustrates the typical dinner table for a christmas celebration. And the picture is actually saying the truth. Swedes are tucking in all these foods during a loong dinner that starts at noon and ending by late evening at christmas eve (yes we are celebrating the eve day).

So what to do..... well I have to eat decorations!! And people look at me strangely when I'm fuzzing about the non existent vegetables. I'm not a big fan of the christmas table and that over eating frenzie. I like to enjoy one of theese dishes at a time and add vegetables. I have simply refused to cook a dinner like that one above to my family, I'm not a slave in the kitchen even if I enjoy cooking and baking.

So a little update... Since I have been ill for a while, I haven't been able to do the exercise and do the cooking at home, I have been exhausted. But I'm better now and started to eat vitamin D to compensate the lack of light, I recommend it! It makes you more lighter on the inside. I have started to eat more raw food. Breakfast and lunch is mostly raw and vegan. I'm trying to cut down on the dairy products and meat and a bit on the carbs.
I can see a slight difference in weight and less hunger feelings. But we have christmas holidays coming and me and Oskars birthdays do I have to try to balance this. Next year will be another bat fit year for me, I have plans :)

The veggies on the pictures comes from my own garden the summer 2012 

The best thing with winter is the snow! I love skiing both cross country and downhill. I love to showel snow and help the kids to build snow castles, snow men and snow piles. I enjoy the cold air. The nature is beautiful this time of year. Who wants to sit indoors when it's so much fun to do outside?

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  1. Too many meals are just meats, starches and carbs... the only "vegetable" is the parsley used for decoration. :( My Mom's holiday meals include meat and potatoes, but she always cooks 2 or 3 (well, more like 5 or 6!) vegetables, too. When I long for Mom's cooking, it's the vegetables I miss.

    Shoveling snow is one of my favorite forms of exercise! :D

  2. Unfortunately, my family's traditional dinner looks the same. Since I cook these days I have the say in what goes on the table. I love roasted root vegetables during this time of year, and they look so festive on the Christmas table. I also serve a big salade composée with a sorts of dark, leafy greens, carrots, fennel (anise) and the sort. And, believe it or not, my husband always asks for roasted brussel sprouts! hehehe ... so this year we'll have Polish stuffed cabbage, pierogi, kielbasa, a small ham, salad, roasted vegetables of all sorts, and small, baked potatoes. YUM!

    And good luck with Bat Fit! I completely slipped up and gained back some weight! UGH!!!

  3. Ska bli spännande att se hur man "tolkar" julbordet den dag jag har ansvaret för det :D jag skulle nog hellre ha mer fisk än kött tror jag.