torsdag 20 december 2012

Oskars birthday

 I have been so busy lately. Lots of work and some preparations for all the december birthdays in our family and christmas. I realized the other day that I'm very late and that the stress is affecting me badly :p. My eldest had his 13th birthday the other week. As a present for him I renovated his bedroom. He started with it this summer but he needed help to finish it. Hadn't got the energy until now.
New curtains, plants and a lantern gave it a modern and cozy look. 
I followed his instructions almost exactly when I renovated the room. At first I was very sceptical but along the way I worked ,I saw it would be a nice room for a boy :). This is how he wanted it: One white wall, two green in a colour he had chosen and the print M90 from the Swedish army uniform on the fourth wall.
I bought the original fabric from and put it up on the wall, easier and cheaper than a wallpaper or paint. I sew a cusion as well and that was trickier, didn't like to sew with the fabric at all.
The bedside table is a fake military gear box and was found at a local store.
The package on the bed contains a camouflage net, an US airforce tshirt and a Swedish Army gasmask from the 50's. The gas mask is a joke from my side. He watched the episode of Dr Who, season 1 that is called "Are you my mommy" and freaked out :D (like I did).
I also bought a military map, framed it and put it up on the white wall. I will look for more maps like these because they are very decorative. This corner will have a cosy armchair in the future.
 Heres a view of the writing desk. It would be nicer with a heavy old desk but I havent got the money to fix that now. I used the fabric on the chair and on a pinboard as well. There is a little piece left for other projects. As you can see the skirting boards are missing, like any other project it's always something that's missing to make a renovating project completed.
The pictures below shows how it looked this summer when Oskar worked hard with painting the ceiling. Yeah, he wanted grey and white stripes! Here is he removing the plastic carpet and pulling out needles from the wooden floors. Moa is very supportive.

As you can see in the corner, the walls were very greasy and ugly. It's nothing more than fair that the eldest with the ugliest room will have it renovated first. 

The last christmas presents will be purchased this evening and wrapped. Tonight I will pickup my newly become teenager and a bunch of friends at a disco for a safe transport home. I guess there will be lots of late nights like this in the future.

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  1. Vad fint rummet blev, bra jobbat!


    Kram, Jenny

  2. Wow. This room is amazing! Your son (and you) did a great job with it!

    Does your son have a copy of Sabaton's "Carolus Rex" album? The songs on that CD are all about Swedish military might in the 17th and 18th centuries. I think he would like it, especially if he likes power metal music.

    1. Of course he likes Sabaton. They comes from Falun, our town. Their friends arrange a metal festival every year here and it's quite big. Thanks to that we have at least one thing to look forward to every year.

    2. That is so awesome! I want to go to the metal fest with Sabaton!!!

  3. It's the perfect room for a 13-year old boy. Who'd have thought a striped ceiling and camo would look so good together!

    And yes, there will be lots of late night chauffeuring in your future!! ;o)

  4. Men! Jag letade ju sånt tyg förut och hittade inget :( Vill fortfarande ha till As rum. Synd att jag inte visste att du skulle beställa. Fint blev det!!

  5. Vad snyggt rummet blev! Jag älskar militärgrönt :) Det är kul att man kan riva bort fula platsmattor och hitta fina trägolv under, precis så ska det gå till när an renoverar! :D Gamla möbler är snyggast. Jag har också gamla stolar här som jag klädde om, så enkelt!

  6. Jätte bra jobbat, snyggt blev rummet.
    Jag önskar dig en jätte skön jul med glädje, värme, kärlek och några julklappar är inte heller fel förstås:)
    Varm kram Gerda

  7. En riktigt GOD JUL önskar jag dig!