söndag 23 december 2012

Holiday Greetings

As you can see the sun is barely over the treetops in the middle of the day. I took these photos on friday when I took a day off. I was tired and stressed so I needed it. When I looked out of the window, this was the lovely view that met my eyes.
Its was amazing how the view could comfort me and give me energy for the rest o fthe day.
The garden is asleep under a cover of 50 cm of snow.
This is our christmas tree for the year. It turned bronze, silver and red and the theme is owls and sculls.
The owl below is a new one, it so darn cute and reminds me of the Owls of Gahoole.
I counted to seven owls in my tree.
I have also bought some scull ornaments. They look very evil so the friendly owls balance it off a bit.
Unfortunately I have become allergic to christmas...or the scents of if. It started with the alcohol free glögg (glüwein). That gives me migraine for three days. Quite a hangover, huh? Later I bought two hyacinth bulbs in white for my zinc cones. When they started to bloom I got really bad headache and nausea. Luckily I could have these bulbs left as they doesn't smell as much as the white ones.
I wish you all a lovely holiday and time to relax and spend some time with your family and friends.

10 kommentarer:

  1. God jul till er med! *kramar*

  2. Wow, snow!! In Australia it's terribly hot ... seeing your snow makes me feel cooler ;)

  3. Så vackra bilder, och jättefin gran!

    God Jul!!!

    Kram, Jenny

  4. The tree is awesome! Love the ornaments. :)

    Happy holidays to you and your family.


  5. I love your tree and ornaments! I wish your package had arrived in time so that you could have another new ornament for your tree ... thanksalot, Canada Post! :P

    Glad you're going to have a lovely white Christmas, though. The pictures are beautiful!! ♥

  6. God fortsättning Linnea-Maria !
    Kram Anki

  7. Vad fin omgivning! Det är OK om jag flyttar ut till er på landet va? xD
    Ugglor är så mysiga djur :) Synd att man inte ser dem oftare ute!

  8. Those winter wonderland pictures are utterly beautiful! They're so magical to me, here in Australia. Not only is it summertime here, but we're having a heat wave. I've been stressed and tired too, and the heat has been making me cranky, but somehow we've still managed to have a good Christmas! :) A very merry Christmas to you and yours, and best wishes for 2013.

  9. Oooooh! Owls! So adorable!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Vad vacker vintern är hos er. Vi hade snö i några veckor, men nu har det regnat bort.