fredag 1 augusti 2014

My blacks do match

Apparently this is one of the famous listed Goth problems; when your black clothes have all the different shades of black and you can't combinate them to get a uniform black outfit. Most people see the irony here, it's actually a joke, but I have also seen lots of tiny bats who describe it as a huge problem in their closet. 

 I think washed out blacks looks great with black black (silly sentence to write). I once had an oversized tshirt for ten years in pure cotton, it washed out quickly but looked very good with a vest, slim pants, winkle pickers and a wide brimmed hat. Literally wore it to pieces. I frankly do believe that most of us are a bit more laid back about this issue than those who dress in black for specific occations.

While googling “my blacks don’t match” except from a couple of goth blogs, I found question forums were people asked about matching suits with prom dresses or groom and bestman’s suits.

This site gives advices to male fashionistas, how to combine their black clothes, listing 6 rules for wearing black. It's worth reading, even for women, but please don't take these rules seriously.

A question from a lady who is about to go to a job interview asked if she can mix different black fabrics to create a suit. Why even try to put together a suit with different black fabrics? I would say that different fabrics gives the different texture that makes an outfit look more interesting to the eye and not just a black mass.


Even The Lady of the Manners have written about this issue. I wonder have someone of you, dear readers, ever came across a brownish black unmatching a blueish black? I haven’t.  What is your opinion regarding this is it a joke or a real problem?

I have recently read two excellent posts regarding fashion that I would like to recommend you to read

It is Friday evening here and I finally have one week of vacation. I will rest and try to be social for once.

Looky here^! My lilies managed to survive the winter storage.

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  1. Yes, I had come across many brownish/reddish blacks, blueish blacks and even greenish blacks and violet blacks. Most of my clothes wash out to one of these shades, I have very little black-turned-to-dark-grey garments.
    And I think the problem with nonmatching blacks is about this. Washed out black is great, it gives some nonchalance to the outfit and still looks black. Different fabrics with different textures - yes, please, I especially love this one. But brownish black paired with blueish black looks simply horrible - the blue one emphasizes the brownness of the second one, likewise brown one emphasizes the blueness... You can check it yourself, just take some of your cotton clothes (cotton is the best for it, because it washes out quickly), lay them on the bed so they will touch each other and look at them from a distance. You will probably see some of them have warm red shade, and some cool blue. If not - you have to be a lucky goth :D

  2. Jag har faktiskt aldrig nånsin reflekterat över det här :'D endera är jag inte så kräsen när det kommer till svarta nyanser eller så är min garderob ett gothic masterpiece ;)

  3. I wear black every day, and do notice that a lot of my blacks don't match, it's no joke. Black dye takes differently to different types of fabric. It's really noticeable when you're wearing them too.

    Sometimes though, if a garment has been worn and washed more than others, and has clearly faded over time, the simple solution is to dye it so that it looks crisp and new again.

    Your flowers look lovely :)

  4. Enjoy your week of vacation, linnea-maria! Your lilies are gorgeous - that's one of my favourite varieties. We call them Stargazer - same over there?

    Oh, and you nailed the bellflower, BTW. It's a clustering one, which is different from the other bellflowers we have, but I'm glad to know what it is now! :)

  5. Thanks for the mention! :) <3

  6. I never noticed that problem myself.

    Your lilies look amazing!

  7. When I wore hair extensions I often struggled with my blue black hair not matching the brown black extensions, or jet black not matching natural black and so on! I don't wear black in clothing as much as I do in my hair obviously but yes, absoluteeee problem!