måndag 4 augusti 2014

What a weird day

This was the warmest day this summer so far, 32 degrees C, and I'm glad that I don't have to work. So many offices don't have airconditioner and Johan had to work in 40 degrees.

By lunchtime when the kids finally woke up, I packed bathing gears. Alfons showed me a new place by the river were we could dip our bodies. 
There is a huge fire raging in the woods uncontrollably about 100km from here. Today we were affected by a huge cloud of ash and smoke from the fire. These photos were taken just before the sun were blocked by a thick smog.
The smoke were itching in the throat and they told on the news that it was recommended to stay indoors with windows closed.
We brought the bunnies inside and Alfons cooled them off with cold wet towels. Luckily the smog vanished after a few hours.
 I hope the rain will come soon to quench the fire. It is told that it is almost unstoppable unless we get rain. So far no one has been hurt or got their house burnt down, yet.

The positive side with this heat is that my pumpkins are growing very fast and the tomatoes are ripening.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Vi får verkligen hoppas på regn nu, mest i Sala så branden dör.

  2. Gosh, that sounds awful...getting stuck inside with all windows closed in 30°C + is suffocating, but I guess, it's still the lesser of the two evils...I hope for you, that rain will arrive soon to put that fire out!

  3. I love that your little boy cooled the bunnies down :)

    I can remember being in Portugal one Summer and there was a fire in the mountains (where my family live) the sun was blacked out by the smoke and one elderly couple (a brother and sister) refused to leave the house they were born in, saying 'if the house burns down, we have nothing, so we'd rather go with it.' and they did. It was awful to hear about afterwards.

    I do hope it rains for you soon...wishing some of ours your way.

    1. What a sad story! Lots of people here had to flee head over heels because no one told them to evacuate. But I have to say that I'm proud how many people who has volunteered and opened their homes for homeless and their cattle.

  4. Usch vad hemskt. Jag kommer ihåg när smogen från Island flög över.
    Vi har fått lite regn nu, hoppas ni också får det snart!

  5. Oj, jag hoppas ni är ok efter branden!

    Vi fick ett skyfall i helgen, efter veckor av hetta. Men jag tror att dina pumpor mår bättre än mina :)

  6. I can't believe this heat is holding up over there! Do take it easy!

  7. The pics of the bunnies covered with cloths is just too cute. I'm sorry to hear about the fire. I hope everything is okay and there wasn't too much damage

  8. Wow, that is Australian summer hot! Insane! And to work in that without air conditioning! That is awful! I would probably pass out! I am glad you took such good care of the bunnies! They are lucky!

  9. Looks like you will have a good harvest from your garden soon!