torsdag 30 juli 2015

Just some random things...

As the summer passed by the hermit has become more socially interested in people and restless wich is usually positive things. But I have also become really stupid, not using the brain, does this. According to my brother who's spouse also is a teacher, this is very common. 
Today was worst: We went to an water park and I started to put my bathing suit outside in. Thankfully I started to complain to Moa (the bonus daughter) that it was very ugly and made her look at it and pointed the mistake out. Then she remarked that the key tag should be on the arm instead of the leg, for easier entrance. When I was about to go home a heavy shower made me wet when I ran to get the car. A large puddle hid a pit that made me fall and I got completely soaked including everything I was carrying. Back home I offered Moa microwaved cinnamon bun dough (it should have been baked in the owen) and when making coffe I noticed that I had made coffe on yesterdays grounds without even noticing a difference in taste.

Other days were more successful. We bought a new sofa, at last. I had a vision of a victorian antique one with lots of wood carvings and velvet, but this option was more practical, must admit that.
I made deliscious macarons for the bonus kids birthday (same birthday, different ages).
We visited an ostrich farm and I snatched me some lovely feathers that I will dye.

And visited the holy spring to dip toes and drink icy cold water. This spring supports two cities with water. 
The vegetable garden is a mess because of bad weather. But I succeded to grow cuttings from my grape wine and to get small grapes too. I've been handing out the plants to friends and family and have two left to plant. Easy peasy.
 I got beautiful flowers from a friend at visit. I want that lily!! The name is something with chocolate.
I hope your summer has been great. Mine is not completely over yet. I have a couple of weeks before work begins. I really loved to have a long summer vacation and look forward to my work even more now.

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  1. Dont worry, we have the same practical sofa in our living room too, coincidentally, did you buy it from Ikea? If so, it would be the same one LOL

  2. We have a very modern looking sofa and loveseats. My fiance and I decided it was the nicest and most affordable choice, but a part of me dreams of lovely big ornate furniture. I know there's comfortable Victorian inspired furniture out there, but it's super expensive!

  3. I love the first image of the woods, such a lovely place to explore.

    I have oxblood leather living room furniture, but they're not very comfortable. I'd love a cosy velvet sofa and chairs you could drown in.

    Your grape cuttings have flourished! Perfect!

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. Ooooh, grapes! I wish the climate was nice enough here to grow them! Sounds like you had a funny distracted day - I have them quite frequently, but I'm not sure what my excuse is. Old age, I suppose. ;)

    I like the new couch, and it looks like the slipcover comes off so you can wash it! Velvet is nice, but not terribly practical, I agree. And the light colour looks very elegant against your dark walls. :)

  5. Beautiful flowers and your funriture looks very comfortable!

  6. That lily is amazing! Yes teachers blanking out during break seems pretty normal!

  7. Det är väldigt vanligt att ens hjärna varvar ner och går på sparlåga under semestern, jag och mina kunder skämtar om det hela sommaren. Jag tror också att det för många är helt nödvändigt, för att klara av ett heltidsjobb resten av året.

  8. My summer has been good. It is very hot here though so I haven't done too much outdoors.